NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Kalin Jerome

Name Kalin Simon Jerome

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Oct 30th, 2012 @ 4:33pm

Biographical Information

Homeworld Titan (Moon of Saturn)
Species Human (Colonist)
Gender Male
Birth Year 2365
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 12 Stone
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Eye Colour Blue,
Physical Description Well built, a natural climber, however he tires out easily, but he can find bursts of strength and stanima when he needs it.

Family Data

Spouse None
Children None
Father Simon Jerome
Mother Sarah Jerome (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Ruby Sarah Jerome (15)
Is very protective of her. He blames himself for not being able to save his mother, and does not want anything like it to happen to her.
Other Family Simone Jerome:
Looks up to him, but sometimes feels he can never be as good as his father. He lectures at the acadamy, as an Archeologist, and Anthropologist.

Sarah Jerome: Since she died, the family was never the same. Kalin blames himself for the death of her, although no one else but himselfs thinks he was to blame. Very few knew that he was the one who caused the deaths, but those that did, forgave, and cast no blame but sympathy on hime because of it. He was young, he did not know that anything was wrong with the artifact, but he still thinks that it was his fault, for what happened.

Personality Profile

General Overview He kind to many people, especially his sister, who he loves very much. He does not like failure, and is weary of command. He hates having to have other people depend on him, as he is worried he would make a decision that know one like, as he tries to please all.
He is very defensive towards family and friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
High knowledge in the medical field.
Has a supply of knowledge about the way the ship works, thanks to his friend in engineering, Ethan. He can put the knowledge of physics that the engineers are supposed to know, with his current knowledge of various medical devises.
Specializes in Medical Physics, using the equipment such as scanners, X-Rays, Gamma Rays to treat various afflictions etc.

Has guilt of what happened on the ship that killed his mother. This can sometimes effect his work, if it comes up while doing something important. This issue needs to be addressed at some point, if he is to a successful officer.
Ambitions He wants to create a multi devise, a sort of jack of all trades that a medical officer can use especially down in away teams. It should contain, various tools which could be needed, and sterilization equipment, as well as pill dispensers, and mixers.
One of the main features is to hold a mass supply of data of various medical equipment, treatments, antidotes, and other information that a person may need in emergencies, or survival difficulties, such as what to when stranded on a barren wasteland. It’s pretty much a devise which tells you exactly what to do in a dangerous situation, all that can be held in the hand.
He also wishes to meet that special someone, and serve with them on the ship.
One of his main goals, is to work on a great ship, and accompanies away teams, to make many discoveries, and complete his devise.

He also wants revenge on whoever it was that created the virus, if they ever survived the event themselves.

He also will accept promotions, and want to become head of his own medical team.
Hobbies & Interests Kalin shows interest in holographic sessions, especially those which allow some form of violence, ones where it is ok if you get stabbed in the limbs.
Languages English, Romulan, limited Vulcan.

Personal Relationships

Family His relation ship with his father was tricky after the death of his mother. He thought his relationship would be ruined after he caused her death. After a brief confrontation, his father confessed that he does not blame him, but himself, for not keeping a better eye on him, or for not taking him down to the surface to begin with.
He is very protective of his sister, and does not want any bad things to happen to her, like their mother.
Relationships Kalin is 21 so has not really met anyone he could call a lover, but does hope to meet someone soon.
Friendships Works with Ethan Scott Kessel well. Can coordinate ideas and plans well. Often thinks like him so can often think what he was thinking.
Kalin has known Ethan since his time at the academy.

Personal History

Personal History Kalin grew up with his family in on the Moon of Titan in the colony there. When he was six, he discovered what his father’s job actually meant, and wanted to help him with his work. Simon however explained that unless he knew everything he did, then little progress would be made.
At the age of nine, his Father acquired a position at Star Fleet academy, as a lecturer there. He moved to earth to continue his studies on earth.
When he turned ten, his father and mother took him on an expedition to an extinct world, which seamed to have disappeared long ago, for no reason, but many buildings, and objects still remained.
While there, he wanted to go down to the surface, but his father would not allow it. A Shuttle would fly down, to deliver various equipment, and he snuck onboard. Once down there, he went to see what he could find. If he were discover something of grate value, then his father might allow him to come on further exploration trips. What he found though was a great and terrible discovery.
Hidden in a shallow hole was a small box, which looked like two triangular pyramids. He opened it, and it contained some small vials of liquid. When examining them, his father research team found him. In his shock he hid it behind his back, not wanting his father to see what he had found: He wanted to show it to captain. However, when hiding it, he accidentally broke one of the vials, containing a strong pink liquid. The liquid spilled on his finger tips, and entered his body through the pores in his skin. His father laughed at what he had done. He had expected him to try and get down, not actually make it down to the surface. He had expected him to try to bribe the transporter operators.
Kalin was happy, but soon felt unwell and was beamed back to the ship, to see what was wrong with him, as the medical officers scanner was on the blink.
When he arrived, he was quickly taken to med bay, only to find that he had contracted a virus of some kind. They saw his fingers, stained by the toxin's liquid.
The virus was already spreading through out the ship and into others by the second.
The crew tried to make a cure, trying to combat the effects. Kalin was surprisingly well considering he was so young, and is immune system was naturally good at combating the sickness. He was the first to contract it, yet his body was fighting it very well.
A cure was eventually found, and a vaccine created, but not before the sickness had taken many lives. His mother, Sarah Jerome was one of them. He healed, and the secret that he had brought it on the ship was covered up, as Kalin felt enough guilt without people blaming him for hit. Only a handful of officers know, and the medical staff simply knew that he was the first reported case of it.
He returned to Earth, and continued his normal life, this time without his mother.
He Graduated From Star Fleet, and was transferred to work on the USS Eneavour.
Education Education:
He studied at Titan, through most of his early schooling, but once his father became a lecture at Starfleet academy he moved to Earth.
He wanted to become a doctor, to help combat other sicknesses that were brought onto ships. He expressed this to his father who made several arrangements to help him, and moved them both to a Star Fleet quarters, where he worked.
He studied at the Star fleet academy ever since his mother died. This was at a very early age of 13, however, this was unofficial lessons, as he could not yet take the entrance exam, but many could see progress was being made rapidly. When he took the final exam, he passed with flying colours, thanks to his dedicated study and the efforts of his fellow peers, family and friends.

Starfleet Academy Enrolled at earliest age possible, and worked on labs that they have been showed too.
While there, he met young engineer called Ethan Kessel, who he has been friends with for a long time.
He Studies very hard, and tries to achieve the best possible results.
While there, he spent little time socializing, and because of which, he very unfamiliar with how to socialize with others, but is more than willing to give it a try.
Early Career His career has just kicked off, and has not really been in very exciting positions yet.
The only time was during the Academy, was during an explanation of some of he equipment in the Med Bay. The lecturer had, had a near fatal heart attack, but Kalin had successfully managed his fellow students into keeping him alive until the more experienced doctors arrived. This Notable achievement did assist in his graduation, as although he was only recently graduated, his teachers did recommend him position of Assistant Chief Medical officer.
Later Postings Kalin had little to do while on DS19, as there was no in habitance on the station when it was found. He spent most of his time treating burns and broken limbs of engineers. He did play a large role as an ice breaker, when he organised a party during one of the long nights spent on the ship.
Soon after Chief Medical Officer Rackham sustained injuries due too the incident on DS19, Kalin was promoted to Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Endeavour by Captain Benjamin Bryne.


Medical History Contracted a deadly virus while young, but did not seam to affect him too badly.
Allergies Not an allegy as such, but does not eat meat.