NCC - 86105

The Sim

Welcome, crewman, to the USS Endeavour. My name is Captain Byrne, Commanding Officer of this fine vessel, and a member of the proud 11th Fleet.


While we do not share the lofty history of the starship Enterprise, we do have a legacy of our own. The name Endeavour has been shared by numerous ships dating back to the days of grand sailing vessels, where the Endeavour's first ship was known as the HM Bark Endeavour. The third Starfleet vessel to bear the name, the NCC-86105 is a Sovereign class, designed primarily for war. But now her design ethics are being put towards a different use; the sleek, powerful design of the outer hull has become a symbol of renewed strength and confidence for the Federation, a beacon of new hopes for safety and security for her member citizens.

The Federation lost much of its hope, sense of security and the confidence of many of its citizens during the recent war with the Dominion and the attacks by the ever-relentless Borg. Even shorter conflicts, such as the Shinzon Incident and the short-lived alliance with the Son'a have worn away at this confidence. Starfleet's goal now is to restore that, and prove to the people it serves that there is cause for hope, that it deserves their confidence, and that it can still protect the people it serves whilst exploring new frontiers, visiting new places and seeing new people - and in short, going where no man has gone before.

Do you want to be a part of this grand new chapter in Starfleet's history? Do you want to join the first and one of the best ships in the 11th Fleet? Then join today, and prove your worth amongst our crew, where you will rise to heights where not even a Klingon could doubt your honour and reputation.