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Lieutenant Commander Linom Dekur

Name Linom Dekur

Position Chief Engineer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Biographical Information

Homeworld Cardassia
Species Cardassian
Gender Male
Birth Year 2349
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 200
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Linom Dekur is a tall man, even for a Cardassian, whose large build and strong figure lend an imposing appearance. His jet black hair is maintaining in the short, swept-back manner as is the typical fashion amongst his people. His voice, in common with much of the Cardassian population, carried a deeper, more husky sound than that of humans. He tends to walk with a straight posture and the authoritative manner common to the Cardassian race.

In an accident in 2384, Linom suffered severe injuries to the left side of his torso and face. Third-degree burns scarred much of his upper body, requiring extensive skin grafts. Significant nerve damage left him numb on his left side and unable to control some muscles, issues which were corrected via nerve regeneration. His greatest injury, however, was the loss of his left eye, which was too badly damaged to be repaired. Instead, the eye was replaced with an artificial unit, granting him the return of the majority of his vision, as well as telescopic and microscopic vision capabilities similar to those who have received ocular implants.

Family Data

Father Kilan Dekur (Deceased)
Mother Aedra Dekur (Deceased)
Sister(s) Prema Dekur (Deceased)

Personality Profile

General Overview Linom is a man still looking for his place in life. Shunned by his people and living in relative exile from his world, Linom has no family and relatively few friends upon which to rely. This has turned him into an isolated and self-reliant individual, one both realistic and skeptical regarding the universe about him. Despite this, he believes in the cause of the Federation and finds it to be the only home he has left. To that end, he serves it as best he can and hopes that he can help change it to the better.

Though frequently regarded as an arrogant or spiteful man, Linom Dekur is not without strong values of integrity and honour. Honest to a fault, he avoids deception if at all possible. He prefers to be direct and blunt with his compatriots, though this has a tendency to push people away from him. As honourable as he is honest, Linom will defend the innocent, weak, or virtuous, regardless of whether he personally likes them or not.

Those who eventually do break through the many barriers he puts up find him to actually be a fairly pleasant person, prone to joking and sharing stories. It is amongst these rare few that he will open up and discuss his life prior to Starfleet. Those that he befriends become his family and, like any Son of Cardassia, Linom is fiercely loyal and protective of those he calls family.
Strengths & Weaknesses Linom excels in a variety of technical fields after nearly five years of intensive study on Cardassia and four additional years of training at Starfleet Academy. While his knowledge isn't as great as some of his peers in some more practical technical fields, he is always seeking to learn and understand his duties better. He also has a strong knowledge of political systems and basic diplomacy due to his involvement and studies with the dissident movement during his days at the Lakarian Institute.

However, Linom lacks in historical knowledge regarding the Federation, as well as any firm understanding of the medical sciences. His demeanor also tends to cause friction to develop with those he works with. He demands excellent results from his subordinates and is not shy about explaining it to them bluntly and, on occasion, publicly. This has caused an issue on more than one occasion and he has begun trying to take such matters up in private, but old habits are hard to break.
Ambitions Linom largely wishes to find a place he truly feels he belongs. An outcast amongst his own people and not fully accepted as yet within the Federation, Linom is searching for a place where he doesn't feel he is constantly being evaluated and judged based upon his race, but rather solely upon his merits. Complimentary to that goal, he also enjoys forcing those who think ill of him solely because he is a Cardassian to expand their point of view, proving his merits and his integrity, while demonstrating the hypocrisy of such views within the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests After the execution of his sister, Linom inherited her musical collection, including some of her own works. While not a musician himself, he has become quite the connoisseur and can spends hours on end doing nothing more than listening to his favorite pieces. He is also a fan of some of the far lessor known Cardassian authors, whose books and novellas have been relatively shunned by the literary mainstream for not being in line with the rule of the Central Command.

Pursuing his own scientific interests has become something more of a hobby than it once was, taking place only during a few of his free hours, time permitting. Rather than contributing research, though, he does spend a reasonable amount of time reviewing and commenting in Federation science and engineering journals.

For fitness, Linom enjoys running on the holodeck, either in a simulation of the rural areas near his home or of the areas he'd visited while training on Vulcan.

Finally, as Federation replicators have virtually nothing approaching authentic Cardassian food on file - just terrible imitations - Linom has taken up cooking with limited success.
Languages Cardassian, Federation Standard

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Education 2366-2370: Lakarian Institute, studies in subspace mechanics and general scientific theory.
2376-2380: Starfleet Academy, focus in starship engineering.

Pre-Starfleet Career (If applicable) In 2349, Linom Dekur was born to Kilani and Aedra Dekur of Lakarian City on Cardassia Prime, junior to his elder sister, Prema. Both of their parents were well educated and respected members of the sciences in their respective fields. Aedra was a senior researcher for the Trikanthar Communications Consortium, responsible for the development of deep-space communications systems, while Kilani was an industrial engineer who developed ore processing systems for off-world colonies. Each held a certain level of disdain for the oligarchy that had been established by the Central Command and quietly encouraged their children to pursue the sciences rather than military careers.

As Kilani was frequently off-world as a result of his duties, Aedra was the primary influence both Prema and Linom. Due to her frequent contact with peoples and governments outside of the Union, Aedra had witnessed the joys of peace and freedom and wished the same for the Cardassian citizenry. As her children grew, she taught them her philosophy and, as they came of age, she revealed to them that she was party to a movement to overthrow the Central Command's rule and return power to the Detapa Council. Prema, choosing to pursue the arts, left Cardassia for Klaestron IV where she might learn a wider variety of techniques and influences. Linom, on the other hand, after demonstrating talent in mathematics and physics, was accepted to the Lakarian Institute of Engineering in 2366, where he specialized in subspace mechanics.

During his tenure of study at the Institute, Linom remained a supporter of the dissident movement, though he was not an active participant in its endeavors. While he continued to study the literature and works regarding foreign societies and republic-styled government models, he did he best to avoid the suspicions of the Central Command and the Obsidian Order. In 2369, however, during a visit home, Prema was arrested by the Obsidian Order on the grounds of assisting the dissident movement. Being found guilty prior to the trial - as was the way of the Cardassian justice system - Prema was executed two days later.

These actions spurred Linom to begin seeking more active participation in the movement. Knowing that the eyes of the Obsidian Order would certainly be upon him, he carefully avoided direct contact with any known affiliates and strove to begin appearing the model Cardassian. After graduating from the Institute in 2370, he began designing subspace relay diagnostics tools for the Cardassian military, where he was able to pass encryption codes to the movement on occasions. While these codes rarely proved useful due to their careful rotation, it was successful in saving a few lives during his two years in the position.

When the dissident movement finally proved successful in restoring power to the Detapa Council in 2372, Linom felt triumphant. His joy was cut short, however, when the Klingons invaded the Union immediately afterwards. Like a great many of his fellow sons of Cardassia, Linom was drafted into service to fill the pressing need for soldiers after the critical losses in the initial battles. He was quickly tasked as a communications officer in the Third Order, responsible for developing encryption codes to be transmitted without Klingon interception.

He spent nearly a year and a half in this position until the Dominion - with the assistance of Skrain Dukat - annexed the Union and dissolved the Detapa Council. Fearing that his membership in the dissident movement would be discovered and enraged that his people were once again little more than servants in their own homes, Linom defected to the Federation, bringing with him what limited classified information he could.

He spent his first few months with the Federation being debriefed regarding Cardassian communications systems, but nearly all of his data proved useless due to the swift introduction of Dominion systems. Nine weeks after his defection, Starfleet Intelligence informed him that they had learned his parents had both been executed for his crimes. Enraged at the injustice of the Dominion and the Cardassian puppet-government, Linom requested to enlist with the Starfleet Marines, determined to liberate his home once more.

After two months of careful background checks and observation by Starfleet Intelligence, Linom was cleared for enlistment. He reported for training on Bolarus IX. During his time there, he was largely scorned by his fellow enlistees, due to the war against his people. Rather than permitting this to hinder him, he used his isolation as a motivation to excel. His instructors, who were mostly fair in their treatment of him, praised his abilities and his naturally technical aptitude and recommended him for technical training.

Following his graduation from basic training, Linom reported to Vulcan for additional training as a communications technician. He found the Vulcans' logical treatment of him as an individual rather than as a member of his species to be very refreshing. Building upon his training at the Lakarian Institute and in the Cardassian military, he was able to pass through his training with ease, instead giving him time to begin focusing on learning Federation Standard rather than relying on the universal translator.

His first active assignment was during the assault on the Chin'Toka system. His unit, naturally distrustful, largely disassociated itself from him, taking their lead from their commanding officer. First Lieutenant Michael Dietz treated Linom as a pariah, as a likely spy and saboteur. This treatment forced Linom to learn to fight for himself and nearly resulted in his death on several occasions. When Dietz was killed in action two months in their deployment, Second Lieutenant Gregori Krastev assumed command. Krastev, unlike Dietz, saw Linom as an asset due to his knowledge of the Cardassian military structure and mindset. Under his command, Linom was given the opportunity to become a part of the unit and became a valued member.

When the Dominion capitulated at the end of 2375, Linom took a leave of absence to return to Cardassia and mourn his family. Upon his arrival, however, he found Lakarian City devastated and lifeless and those Cardassians he did meet treated him even more as an outcast than those he'd first encountered in the Federation had. He was seen as a traitor for having not stood with his people and fleeing to the Federation for fight against Cardassia. Realizing his people did not understand why he had taken the course he had, Linom left Cardassia for the last time and returned to his unit.

Searching for a future for himself, Linom decided to make the most use of his knowledge and experience as he could and apply to Starfleet Academy. Newly promoted First Lieutenant Krastev managed to assist him in finding a sponsor within their chain of command and Linom passed the entrance exams with higher than average marks. Formally accepted, Linom entered the academy in the fall of 2376.
Starfleet Academy His time at the academy was more difficult than he'd expected. While his knowledge and training had more than prepared him for the rigors of the engineering training program at the Academy, he found it difficult to relate to his classmates, both because of his species and because of his age. Despite this, Linom eventually began to break down the walls between he and his classmates by assisting and tutoring them in those fields where he was most experienced. Once past the initial discomfort, his fellow cadets found him to be a warm and caring person. By the time he graduated from the Academy in 2380, his friends may have been few, but they were extremely close and precious to him.
Early Career His first posting was aboard the USS Zimbabwe, patrolling the edge of Romulan space. This relatively calm assignment gave him the opportunity to begin to adjust to living and interacting on a professional level as an officer in Starfleet. He achieved excellent reviews for his service and earned a promotion to lieutenant, junior-grade, in 2382, as well as the assistant chief engineer billet.
Later Postings In 2384, Lieutenant, Junior-Grade, Linom Dekur was transferred to the USS Lakota as Chief Engineer. Upon arriving at Deep Space Seventeen - where the Lakota was berthed at the time - Linom was informed that the Lakota had vanished from her moorings only shortly before. The Cardassian engineer and scientist quickly assumed control of the search for the Lakota, discovering that the ship had not vanished so much as been transported to another dimension. With the assistance of Ensign Heather Castleman, who was assigned to the station's operations staff at the time, Linom set about attempting to contact the Lakota using an experimental technology he had helped test while a researcher on Cardassia. Shortly after the technology - a communications array utilizing a micro wormhole to transmit the signal - proved successful and contact was made, a highly unusual energy discharge of unknown origin from the alternate reality caused the wormhole to rapidly expand, giving the Lakota a narrow opportunity to return to its own universe. While the ship was successfully recovered and Linom was praised for his efforts, the source of the energy burst remains a mystery that Linom is determined to solve.

Later that same year, the USS Lakota encountered the Inconnu Expanse, resulting in heavy engineering casualties. While attempting to save the life of one of his subordinates from a ruptured plasma conduit, Linom was gravely injured, suffering massive burns to his upper torso. Several hours later, when he awoke in Sickbay under heavy medication, Linom assisted in repairs to the ship by talking select subordinates through their labours. After the ship escaped the expanse, he was transferred to the Intensive Care Ward aboard Starbase Deep Space Seven for treatment and recovery. For his self-actions in nearly sacrificing himself in the attempt to save another, Linom was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant during his recovery and appointed the ship's second officer.

After two months aboard the station, Linom was finally permitted to return to light duties aboard the Lakota. Assuming command of his department from his protégé, Ensign Castleman, the Linom began overseeing the overhaul of the heavily damaged vessel. In the process of examining the damage done to the vessel, the Cardassian engineer discovered further evidence of the entity known to the recently-deceased Lieutenant Jiang as 'Riven.' Having been entrusted with the knowledge of the entity shortly before her death, Linom deduced the entity's assistance in the escape of the vessel and made a number of failed attempts to contact it. While not convinced of its existence as an artificial lifeform, Linom does acknowledge that it does act independently within the ship's computer and is responsible for the ship's survival.

During a holiday celebration in late 2384, Deep Space Seven was attacked by a version of Admiral Blakeney from an alternate universe, along with a savage race which have grown to be called Ravagers. The Starships Lakota and Freedom, docked at the facility when the assault occurred, were largely unstaffed as the Ravagers proceeded to slash their way through the celebrations and the station's population. Making his way on board the vessel, Lieutenant Dekur assumed command while Admiral Blakeney and Commander Vann were caught up in the action station-side. After disabling one vessel in a running duel, the Lakota was faced with it's likely destruction under the command of her ill-prepared action captain. Playing to his standing strengths, Lieutenant Dekur and the unlikely crew were able to save the ship through an untested engineering feat which left the enemy crew dead and the Lakota disabled. How the crew of the Lakota were able to survive the lethal ionic radiation burst remains unknown to all but Lieutenant Dekur, but the majority of the compliment returned to the recovering station with the assistance of the USS Freedom.

During the next two months, Lieutenant Dekur received his final medical treatments, nerve regeneration therapy, and skin grafts, granting him a clean bill of health and return to unrestricted active duty. As he completed these procedures, he remained responsible for overseeing the ship's final repairs, including the long-awaited reattaching of her warp nacelle. In early 2385, the vessel stood in better condition than she had since Linom had assumed his duties as her chief engineer nearly a year prior.

Linom continued to serve as the chief engineer of the Lakota for the next three years, earning a promotion for his service in late 2387 to the rank of lieutenant commander. During this period, he devised a manner by which the entity 'Riven' could be freed from the computer core of the Lakota - which was rapidly approaching decommissioning - and stored in a customized, portable storage unit. Studying and interacting with the entity remains a personal, highly private project for the intensely curious Cardassian.


Medical History 2349: Born in Lakarian City on Cardassia Prime
2366: Accepted to Lakarian Institute
2370: Graduates from Lakarian Institute with specialty in Subspace Mechanics
2372: Drafted into Cardassian Military; Graduates from basic officer training program; Granted rank of Gil
2373: Defects from Cardassian Union following annexation by Dominion; Enlists in Starfleet Marines as Private; Graduates from Basic Training and advanced to Private, First-Class; Assigned to Vulcan for training as Communications Technician
2375: Advanced to rank of Lance Corporal
2376: Accepted to Starfleet Academy
2380: Graduates from Starfleet Academy; Assigned to USS Zimbabwe as Engineering Officer
2382: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior-Grade; Reassigned as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2384: Assigned to USS Lakota as Chief Engineering Officer; Promoted to Lieutenant and appointed Second Officer of the USS Lakota following Inconnu Expanse expedition