NCC - 86105

Commander Jaeih Andorzai

Name Jaeih Andorzai

Position First Officer

Second Position First Officer

Rank Commander


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Biographical Information

Homeworld Earth
Species Haliian/Human
Gender Male
Birth Year 2351
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 176lbs.
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Usually Haliians can be distinguished by the fact that their foreheads have a slight bulge above each eyebrow. They also have a distinctive crevice between the brows, on the bridge of the nose however, due to Jaeih's dual heritage and cosmetic surgery performed after a childhood accident, Jaeih appears largely human.

Family Data

Father Almindai Andorzai
Mother Laura Andorzai

Personality Profile

General Overview Jaeih is fiercely proud of his Haliian heritage and his empathic abilities. He is troubled by his appearance which cannot be altered due to the injuries he sustained at a young age. Ostensibly he is an approachable officer which has come about due to his experience as a counselor. He is often distractable and daydreams often.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Caring.
+ Empathic abilities allow him to sense feelings and some thoughts.
+ Good sense of humour.
+ Playful and often quite informal.

- Torn over his identity as a Haliian.
- Easily distracted.
- Takes notes of absolutely everything.
Ambitions Jaeih's ambitions have largely been fulfilled by becoming an executive officer. He one day hopes to advance beyond his current rank but at the moment is happy with his position and standing within Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Jaeih is something of a dandy and appreciates the finer things. He has an interest in galactic cuisine and the opulence of 1920s/30s Earth. His quarters are often decorated with Art Deco trinkets.

  • 20th Century Earth history.
    Study of Haliian culture.
    Galactic cuisine.
    Art Deco architecture.
  • Languages Haliian, Federation Standard, Romulan [Basic]

    Personal Relationships

    Family Jaeih is not particularly close to his family

    Personal History

    Personal History Jaeih was born in Seattle, Washington on Earth to a human and a Haliian diplomat. Jaeih was split between education on a Haliian starship and schooling in Seattle. When it came to school, he was academically gifted and often made short work of tests and exams, advancing beyond his years quickly. While he had a few friends during his childhood, it was schoolwork and the pursuit of academic excellence that really drove the young Andorzai, probably as a result of his father's influence on him.

    At the behest of his father, he applied for Starfleet Academy and the Diplomatic Corps.

    Starfleet Academy While in Starfleet academy he continued his gifted advance. It was in second year of the academy that he realised his calling lay outside the Diplomatic Corps. This upset his father and they went through a period where neither would speak to each other and Jaeih found himself out of contact with his family for large amounts of time. During holidays where his peers would return home to their families, Jaeih stayed at the academy studying medical journals and case studies.

    In third year of the academy he moved into the medical stream and began to excel academically but at the sacrifice of his social life and many evenings which were spent up to his knees in case studies.

    Medical School

    Jaeih attended the Plainsborough School of Medicine where he moved into the counselling field. His attitude to his work was noticed and he was taken under the wing of Doctor Harrellson who allowed him much more freedom than many of the students at the school.

    He began to find a talent and passion for using his empathic abilities to diagnose and care for patients
    Early Career Residency

    As with all medical personnel, counselors are required to carry out a 3-5 year residency. Jaeih's lasted 3 years and took place on two ships.

    USS Fleming

    The Olympic class USS Fleming was a turning point for Jaieh as he realised that he could take on responsibility of his own. After six months aboard the vessel, operating something similar to his own practice, Dr Karr agreed to end his residency and allow Jaieh to take a posting as a full counselor on a deep space assignment.

    Attending Psychiatrist
    USS Akita

    During the last year of the Dominion War, Jaeih was assigned to the Akira class USS Akita in order to assist in the rehabilitation of Starfleet and marine personnel suffering from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. While very few people were forthcoming in their support of this venture, he did make the acquaintance of one Marine Captain Mark Reinhart. The two were often at odds over the validity of Andorzai's treatment methods but came to respect each other during the short period in which they were on assignment together.

    He was then transferred to the Luna Class USS Mitchell for a year until he was called up on a very special mission.

    Romulan Star Empire

    Jaieh, along with a number of Starfleet's best and brightest young counselors and physicians, they were sent to the Romulan Star Empire to deal with a number of ranking Romulan officers who had developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the wake of the Dominion War. With the Empire's move toward a more caring society, Starfleet officers were sent to counsel and repair the damage done by bloody and vicious battles with the Jem Hadar.

    The officers managed this and the Romulans were able to return to active duty and the Starfleet officers were to be reassigned to other duties. Jaieh was assigned as a counselor to Starfleet Medical in San Francisco.
    Later Postings Command Training

    After the events in the Romulan Empire, Jaeih was always uncomfortable in his role and applied to the command track at Starfleet Command. His year's practical training ended with him being assigned as the Chief Strategic Operations officer aboard the USS Union. He was promoted to second officer following the reassignment of Lieutenant Arkhaus with the rank of Lieutenant.

    While aboard the Union he was cited many times for ability and bravery in command of the starship and managed to ensure that an antiquated Miranda class vessel was protected adequately in fleet operations. The little Miranda always came out with no more than a scratch on her hull. Something which always frustrated Jaeih as he despised the design of the ship both inside and out.

    USS Shiloh

    Andorzai was temporarily reassigned to the 8th Fleet's first carrier, the USS Shiloh as there were no command spots available, he was assigned as Chief Counselor and Second Officer in order to make sure that the Shiloh's shakedown mission went off without a hitch and also in order to review the ability of the vessel's commanding officer. He was relatively unhappy about this and spent rather a lot of time reviewing position openings in the Starfleet database [SHI: Trial Run].

    With the illness of Lieutenant K'Relle, Jaeih applied to take over his duties as Executive Officer of the Shiloh. His application was accepted and he was given a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During this transition period he was responsible for overseeing the resupply of the vessel in the absence of a Chief Operations officer [SHI: Logistical Resupply]

    Andorzai's move to Executive Officer was a baptism of fire. As part of the crew assigned to assist the colonisation of the Heathercrist system, he was given the rank of Commander and began to feel at home commanding the ship while Cdre. Reinhart was indisposed. His experiences during the skirmish with the Breen in orbit of Heathercrist marked his professional development. While he felt remorse at the number of crew lost in the battle, he began to accept his role and his future in the service being just as difficult. [SHI: The Dead of Night]

    The Shiloh's commanding officer, Admiral Reinhart, soon marked out the commander to be his chief of staff when he moved to Starfleet Operations on Earth. It wasn't long before Andorzai had enough of paperwork and fleet movements and felt the need to be back out on the front line, seeing Galactic South. It was decided that he would be moved back to the 11th Fleet where he felt he really had something to offer.
    USS Endeavour After Lieutenant Commander Ballard was assigned to Starbase 332 to complete his command training, the admiralty of Pegasus Fleet decided that the Endeavour would require a more experienced First Officer and subsequently decided that Commander Andorzai would be the man to take on the role.


    Service Record

    2365: Attended Starfleet Academy.
    2369: Moved to Plainsborough School of Medicine.
    2373: Graduated with 2nd Class Honours and achieved Medical Doctorate with Counseling Major. Assigned to USS Fleming as a residency counselor.
    2374: Transferred to USS Akita.
    2376: Transferred to USS Mitchell.
    2377: Assigned to PTSD clinic for survivors of the Dominion War in the Romulan Star Empire.
    2380: Assigned to Starfleet Medical - San Francisco, Earth.
    2381: Transferred to Starfleet Command Training Division.
    2382: Assigned to USS Union.
    2386: Assigned to USS Shiloh as Acting Chief Counselor and Second Officer.
    2387: Promoted to Commander and made First Officer of the Shiloh.
    2388: Reassigned by Admiral Reinhart to be his Chief of Staff