NCC - 86105

Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise

Name Sophie Blaise

Position Yeoman

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class


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Thu May 30th, 2013 @ 7:27am

Biographical Information

Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Year 2362
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Colour Golden blond with some darker strands
Eye Colour Grey-blue
Physical Description Sophie is a delicate and fragile, young woman. She doesn’t exercise much, but she’s a vegetarian and generally eats healthy so she stays in shape. Her long blond hair is usually up while on duty, it’s either in a bun, braid or kept up with a pin and while it’s neat in the morning, it will get messier throughout her shift. Off duty her hair is down or in a simple ponytail and it reaches just below her shoulders.

Family Data

Father Javier Blaise (55)
Mother Genevieve Blaise nee Dupont (56)
Brother(s) Leon Blaise (28)
Other Family Different grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, most live in Paris or other parts of France.

Personality Profile

General Overview Sophie is a very open and outgoing individual. She’s chatty and loves to talk to everyone about everything. She is curious about the people and things around her and can sometimes be perceived as a bit nosy, but she usually means well.
She has a positive outlook on life and is a natural optimist. She likes to think that everyone has a good side to them and she usually thinks that things will turn out for the best. Because of this she can get along with most people as long as they are open and kind to her as well.
On duty she is professional and occasionally a perfectionist. She just likes to do her tasks in the best way she can and can be a bit annoyed if things prevent her from doing so.
Strengths & Weaknesses Optimist – she tries to see the good things in a situation and doesn’t give up easily.
Honest – she is honest and open to the people around her and says what’s on her mind.
Glib tongue – can easily speak to all sorts of people and knows how to convey her message.
Naïve – not in the traditional sense, but because of her positive look on things she can forget that things can go bad and isn’t always prepared for that.
Nosey – her curiosity can sometimes be seen as annoying or meddling.
Fragile – she’s not very strong and can easily be hurt.
Ambitions At the moment Sophie is not actively pursuing any goals. She likes her job and likes to travel, so she just awaits what time will bring. She has thought about going back to school again or trying to join a diplomatic detachment somewhere through her current connections in Starfleet, but for now she likes to be where she is.
Hobbies & Interests She is interested in people and different environments and she loves to meet new people in new places to learn from them. She learned to speak Vulcan during her time on the planet and at the moment she is learning to speak Klingon.
Reading: Different kinds of books can be found in her quarters. She has a very broad taste, from Vulcan philosophy to the latest Earth chick-flick.
Music: She also has an eclectic taste in music and there is usually something playing near her as she doesn’t really like silence. She doesn’t play an instrument, but can be found whistling or humming along with familiar songs.
Chocolate: Her guilty pleasure, occasionally she’ll try to get the replicator to make her parents’ recipes or try alien variations of it.
Languages French, English, Vulcan, learning to speak Klingon.

Personal Relationships

Family Parents: The Blaise’s were a close family when Sophie grew up. Her parents owned a small chocolaterie near the centre of Paris and their home was on top of the store, so there was always someone nearby. When Sophie started to travel she had to get used to not being near her parents and occasionally felt homesick, especially in the beginning. Her parents were worried about their daughter being so far from home on her own, but they also realized they couldn’t always keep her with them and that this was a great opportunity for her. They were disappointed when she quit her studies, yet they decided to help her through the tough time she was going through and supported her when she made the decision to join Starfleet for a while. They would love to see her study again, but most of all they want her to be happy, so as long as she sends letters and seems okay they won’t complain.
Brother: Sophie’s brother Leon has always been a typical older brother. They had their fights, but she could always rely on him and he always had her back. Their relationship suffered a bit from her travels. Leon is more of a stay-at-home type and didn’t understand her need to travel. Secretly he hated that he couldn’t protect her anymore, but he never told her. He is always happy when she is back on Earth, but hates it when she has to leave again, so he will become moody on the days prior to her departure.
Relationships Rigo Deran:
Sophie met Rigo, a Trill man, during her time on the university. Both of them were a bit older than most of the other students which made bonding quite easy. Rigo was as curious about Earth and it’s inhabitants as Sophie was about alien cultures. They spent a lot of their free time traveling on Earth and it didn’t take long for the two to fall in love.
Their relationship lasted almost two years when suddenly Rigo was chosen to be joined. They had never seen it coming, but the symbiont drastically changed Rigo’s personality. He became more aggressive and emotional, started arguing for no apparent reason and broke up with her when she finally said something about it. She knows he went to his home planet after that, but hasn’t seen him since.

Thela Ri’Sha:
Thela was a junior scientist on the USS Lamarck. The Andorian woman served there for only six months. The intention was to stay longer, but she couldn’t work with the new Vulcan captain. Thela wore her heart on her sleeve and made it known when she disagreed with something, frequently arguing with the captain, who did not appreciate that.
Sophie quickly noticed Thela because of her frequent visits to the captain. Both women were around the same age on a ship were most of the crew was a lot older, so they quickly became friends. Not long after that it became apparent that they both felt more for each other than just friendship. While relationships between people with different ranks aren’t encouraged, the Lamarck was so small that most people noticed more was going on between the two, even when they weren’t in a relationship yet. Nobody on the ship disagreed and some even encouraged it, so they were allowed to be together.
Both women had a difficult time when Thela decided to leave. They couldn’t find a ship that would take them both and although they tried, they found it impossible to maintain a relationship while being lightyears apart. They decided to stay just friends after that.
Friendships Eva Barlow:
Eva was the captain of the USS Lamarck. She was 67 when Sophie joined the ship and had spent most of her life as a scientist. Being a captain of her own vessel had always been a dream so she loved her job and her crew very much. Sophie was 22 when she joined, so she was the youngest member of the crew, but Eva made sure she wasn’t overlooked or disrespected. They all had been young once and they all had to learn and Eva made it her responsibility to teach Sophie the ways of Starfleet. Sophie easily accepted a mentor in her life and she was a quick learner. They got to know each other better and better and after a year Eva made Sophie her yeoman, because they could work together very well and without any problems. Another year later Eva retired, but the two still write each other every now and then.

Personal History

Personal History Sophie was born in 2362 to Javier and Genevieve Blaise in Paris, France. Her parents owned a small chocolaterie near the centre of Paris. She had a happy childhood without much problems. Their house was on top of the store, so there was always someone around. Her older brother Leon was her opposite in a lot of ways. He spent most of his time at home, while Sophie was always somewhere else, playing with friends or exploring the city, there was too much to do to stay at home.
When the final years of her highschool time approached it was time for Sophie to determine what she wanted in life, but she had no clue. There were so many choices and so many places to go that she first wanted to see what her options were. During weekends and holidays she worked in her parents’ store to make enough money to travel. She wanted to see and explore the galaxy on her own and nobody was going to stop her.
Sophie visited a number of planets in the alpha quadrant. She started with three months on Andoria to see the main highlights and then she moved to Bajor, visiting the moons and learning about the Bajoran religion. After that she visited Ferenginar, but she only stayed there for a month. She disliked that everybody seemed to want her money, no matter what she tried to do. So she went to Betazed, which she liked a lot more. Most of the people felt her curiosity and were willing to talk to her and show her their planet. She noticed that some of the people had some difficulties talking to her, because she wasn’t a telepath, but she had traveled a lot already and had learned to communicate in a lot of foreign situations.
Her original plan was to travel for a year, but on Betazed she met a human ambassador who was in the process of moving to Vulcan and still needed an au pair for his children and rather wanted a human than a Vulcan. He would stay on Vulcan for six months and Sophie agreed to work for him. During her time as an au pair she still had enough time to see the planet and meet the people. She learned about their language, culture and the teachings of Surak. She even found someone who could teach her how to meditate. She had an amazing time and made enough money to travel a bit longer.
Her last destination was Cardassia. She learned a lot about the Dominion War and was amazed by the suffering and destruction that was still visible on the planet. Here she made the decision to study Intergalactic Law, she knew that something like this had to be prevented from happening again. After almost two years of traveling she returned home again.
After the complete freedom she had in those years it was a bit hard to adjust to normal life again. She studied Intergalactic Law at the university of Paris, but still tried to travel on Earth as much as possible. First alone, but later with her Trill boyfriend Rigo. Although she liked some of the courses she had and she liked her teachers and fellow students, studying law wasn’t as exciting as she thought it would be. She wanted to go out and do something, but that wasn’t what it was like.
After Rigo broke up with her after his joining she took a break from studying. She knew that this wasn’t what she wanted, but she also didn’t know what else to do.
Education Primary education: Ecole Saint Louis
Secondary education: College Lycée Charlemagne
University: Université de Paris: Intergalactic Law, 2 years, unfinished.

Early Career After her study period she did some searching and she found an administrative position on a small science ship. The USS Lamarck traveled near the Klingon border for science purposes, but had a small diplomatic detachment to prevent any problems with the empire. It gave Sophie the chance to travel again and have a job, so she could figure out what she wanted in life.
The Lamarck was a small ship, with a crew of 50, but the atmosphere was good and she quickly settled on the ship. The captain, Eva Barlow, made it her mission to mentor Sophie as she was the youngest member of her crew. The two women got along great and Eva put a lot of trust in Sophie and made her her yeoman after a year on the ship. Sophie liked working with Eva and enjoyed her new position. It gave her more to do and more interesting things to do than in her previous position. Another year later Eva retired at the age of 69. Sophie stayed on the Lamarck, but continued to keep in contact with her former captain for advise and to share their stories.
The new captain was a young Vulcan officer. Sophie had a close personal bond with Eva, but the Vulcan, T’ral, had a different commanding style. It took the two of them a while to connect with each other and find the most effective way to work, but in the end Sophie also learned to work with his distant behavior. After a year of working with T’ral Eva persuaded her to look for a different position on a bigger ship. Eva was sure that Sophie could do much more than she was doing now and hoped that a bigger ship could lead to more career opportunities for her. Sophie listened to her advice and applied to the Endeavour.


2382 - 2383 Université de Paris: Intergalactic Law
2383 - 2386 USS Lamarck:
- 2383 Diplomat's assistant
- 2384 - 2386 Yeoman
2386 - Current USS Endeavour: Yeoman

Medical History Von Willebrand’s disease
Medication Desmopressine (occasional)
Family Medical History Von Willebrand’s on mother’s side.