NCC - 86105

Lieutenant JG David Solomon

Name David Adam Solomon

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Sat Mar 13th, 2010 @ 1:51pm

Biographical Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Colour Dark Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Dave has medium length sandy colored hair, which usually is usually unkept. That combined with his striking blueish-green eyes give him a startling handsomeness.

Family Data

Spouse none
Children none
Father Captain Adam Solomon
Mother Commander Caroline Solomon
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality Profile

General Overview Dave's personality is usually a jovial one, marked by random jokes and sometimes crude humor, this has sort of a ying-yang effect on his shipmates, some people like his jokes, while others consider then dreadful.

While at times he can be playful and downright juvinile, he does know when the situation involves a serious demeanor and when a situation warrents his full attention. Dave's personality served him well when he was able to keep a level head during the crisis on the Victory.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dave's main strength is his ability to examine a situation and come up with a feasible course of action and to do it fast, his other strength of coolness under fire aids this strength.
Ambitions Every man has an ambition, and Dave is no exception, he wishes to command his own Starship some day and to become an explorer, at this point he is content to be the navigator of one such vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Dave spends his time listening to music and reading a few good books. He also enjoys sword fighting in the holodeck.
Languages English

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Dave was born on October 21, 2361 in Albany, New York. His father and mother, Commander Adam Solomon and Lieutenant Commander Caroline Solomon were stationed aboard the USS Exemplar, an Excelsior Class Starship stationed near the Klingon Border Region. After his birth, Dave grew up on the Exemplar with his parents. During the Klingon Civil War, his parents sent him to live with his grandparents back in Albany. The Exemplar was heavily damaged during a skirmish with a renegade Klingon Warship during the war, but Dave’s parents survived. At age 17, Dave applied to the Academy, it was the proudest moments of his parents lives.

Through the first two years, Dave’s high intelligence served him well and he passed with flying colors. In his Junior year however, Dave experienced a situation that changed his life. While on shore leave from the Academy, Dave went to Risa to visit the beautiful atmosphere that the planet provided. When he arrived, that was far from the truth. On his vacation, Dave was nearly killed when a group of Nausicans interrupted the party Dave was attending, and picked a fight with Dave. Dave fended off one of the Nausicans, but the other one smashed a flowerpot on Dave’s head. Dave was left lying on the floor, until emergency serviced could arrive. He spent the next month in the Academy infirmary, where he was able to continue his coursework.

The fight left Dave with a fractured skull, 3 bruised spinal disks and a 5 day concussion. After a long year of recovery, Dave started his senior year, which was relatively uneventful, he had chosen to persue a specification in Starship Flight.

After graduation, Dave was assigned to the USS Victory, a Sovereign Class Vessel. In the spring of 2382, the Victory was dispatched with a special envoy to the Imperial Romulan State, in order to negotiate a peace treaty between the two warring Romulan factions. While on route, the Victory was attacked by 5 renegade Romulan vessels. Captain Johnson and Commander Hunter where killed in the first barrage and the bridge was exposed to space. When the emergency force field engaged, Dave found himself the senior officer on the Bridge. Dave took command of the ship and was able to ward off 3 of the ships until the fleet arrived.

On the journey back, Dave found himself acting Captain of the ship, with most of the senior officers killed, the inexperienced crew were able to repair the ship enough for her to limp back into spacedock. Dave was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade and was given a commandation for his heroics underfire.

After the Victory set in for repairs, Dave was reassigned to the USS Discovery, another sovereign class vessel, which was charged in finishing the task that the Victory had started. After a long voyage and this time, recieveing no resistance, the Discovery was able to mediate a truce between the Imperial Romulan State and the Romulan Star Empire. Dave served on the Discovery for two years.

After his stint on the Discovery was finished, Dave took four months medical leave for the injuries he sustained on the Victory which were progressively getting worse. After his four months medical leave, his wounds were fully healed, and he was reassigned to 11th Fleet under the Command of Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez and was sent to the San Fransisco Fleet Yards to await a new assignment.



Born: October 21, 2361

High School
-Albany Area High School-
-Graduated -

Academy -Cadet to Ensign-
-Academy Entrance Type: Late-Teens—
-Application Received: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
-Assigned to Year Group under: Anderson, Robert
-Year 1 Graduated
-Enrolled Year 2: Flight Control (Recommendation Received: Anderson, Robert)
-Year 2 Graduated
-Enrolled Year 3: Flight Control: Helmsman Training
-Year 3 Graduated
-Enrolled Year 4: Flight Control: Advanced Helmsman Training
-Year 4 Graduated - with Honors

9 Months USS Victory –Flight Control Officer- -Ensign to Lt. JG.-
-Commendation for Heroics under fire

2 Years USS Discovery –Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer - Lt. JG.-
-Medical Leave- Four months
-Reassigned to 11th Fleet.

Current USS Endeavour -Chief Flight Control Officer- -Lt. JG.-