NCC - 86105

Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii

Name Gaius Ra-Xialii

Position First Officer

Rank Commander


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Biographical Information

Homeworld Efros Delta
Species Efrosian
Gender Male
Birth Year 2353
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 140lbs
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Silver
Physical Description Gaius has an athletic physique and wears a uniform which cuts close to his body. His uniform is kept to a high standard as well as his personal grooming. He utelises the full catalogue of uniform variations, including a Marine tradition of having a leather bound stick of bamboo, more commonly seen as an officer's cane. An abstract regulation, but still in use. He uses it during his command shifts. Another addition to his uniform is the inclusion of bloused pants over, above ankle high, field boots.

As an Efrosian his hair is an almost pure white in colour. It is long and flowing, and most of the time tied back into a pony-tail. His facial hair is a white moustache and trimmed beard.

Gaius bears a large scar across his right chest, a scar from an Andorian Ushaan-tor ice pick weapon. As well as a almost healed phaser wound on his left hip. His only other mark on his body is a tribal tattoo on his left shoulder, bearing the insignia of his clan.

Gaius has silver eyes, a genetic trait he and his brother share. Typically Efrosian eyes are either white or blue, depending on the gene-pool, but the two inherited a rather rare gene. Which does give superior vision than what most Efrosians have. It is still inferior to human sight.

Family Data

Spouse None at present
Children Jarvis Ra-Xialli, b.2379, male. Lives with mother.
Father Chief Petty Officer Kayd'n Ra-Xialli, USS Agamemnon.
Mother Hanise Ra-Xialli, d.2379
Brother(s) Dr. Baltus Ra-Xialli Ph.D (b.2351), Professor of medicine, New France Medical Center.

Personality Profile

Ambitions Captain of a Vesta Class Starship for the short term till at least 2389. Then moving on to Admiralty, Commanding a Starbase, preferably Starbase Citadel in the Marianis Cluster. One of the more busy spaceports this side of the Tholian Border.
Languages Efrosian, Andorian, Federation Standard, Basic Klingon.

Personal Relationships

Family Father:
Gaius does not know the name or location of his biological father. Efrosian tradition has established the fact that the Efrosian male is instinctually designed to procreate with many females and to foster as many offspring as possible. This is as far as the title father is taken, after consumation the father moves on. They usually have little to no contact, ever again with their children. Gaius has been told many things about his father, such that he is part of the Starfleet Navy serving in deep space, this gave young Gaius something to strive toward. He cultivated an unnatural urge to follow in his father's footsteps and join Starfleet. Upon gaining entrance to Starfleet, Gaius searched the personnel database finding his father as a Petty Officer in the Engineering division. It was not until 2386 that the two met at Starbase 49.

As the only care giver, Gaius' mother taught him the ways to be a man as best she knew how. But what Gaius didnt learn from her he learnt from the Efrosian elders and teachers. His mother instilled in him and his brother different virtues that make them good Efrosian men, even going so far as to weed out traditional values, such as the need to procreate and not form attatchments. His mother was dissapointed that his desire was to leave the planet in search of greater adventures, but one of her sons did stay behind for a longer time. She passed away in 2379 after a production plant explosion. Gaius was offworld.

His brother Baltus and he were not always stalwart companions, with the two having different interests. They were born 2 years apart, which made them have a better relationship than they would have had there been a larger age gap. His brother and he disagreed about staying on Efros Delta, leading Gaius to leave to join the Andorian Defence Force. The two currently have a tenuous relationship at best.

Unfortunatly his son was an accident. On shore leave to Andoria, Gaius and a Vulcan consumated a steamy affair during the Vulcan's 7 year pilgrimage. It was a one night stand which 10 months later yeilded Jarvis, a hybrid of the two races. After regaining her composure, the Vulcan Tevel and he decided that Gaius would continue his career and she would take Jarvis home to Vulcan. Gaius gets to Vulcan almost every year to wish his son a happy birthday and is there most times during his shore-leave. They have a good relationship which will change as Jarvis ages.
Relationships Tevel (Vulcan female):
Finding each other in a freezing bar outside an Andorian city, Tevel and Gaius had a one night stand just as Tevel started her Ponn Farr. Gaius was intruiged by Tevel's logic and emotional control, and found the experience more sensual than sexual. Tevel and he had a son 10 months later. Tevel knew about the Efrosian instinct to move on, finding it efficient, and allowed him to continue his career, with the option of seeing his son whenever he pleased.

Shishanne Hu'Tash (Andorian female):
An experiment which lasted too long in Gaius' opinion. During his Andorian Defence Force days, Gaius and his immediate superior found each other on shore leave on a Federation Starbase. A power blackout forced the two into intimacy in a secluded cargo bay. The two continued to see each other in secret, before Gaius went on exchange to Starfleet. He hasnt seen her since.

Friendships Cadet (Now Lieutenant Commander) Thomas Kitch (Human Male):
During Gaius' Academy days he befriended a man in his Command class. Tom and he hit it off right away as they had both lived on Andoria, as well as visiting Efros Delta. Tom was a well travelled man and the two were in seperable and became a great team. After the Academy they served together for many years. Tom is serving on the USS Scimitar in the Hiromi Cluster, the two stay in contact.

Commodore Juvat Kio-Siallos (Efrosian Male):
Being Efrosian got Gaius a good standing with the Acadamy's commanding officer. The Commodore took Gaius under his wing and perhaps gave him too much of an advantage with regards to extra bonuses to Academy life. A cadet cruise on the Enterprise-E and a exchange to the Vulcan campus for a semester. Each time Gaius insisted on bringing Tom. The Commodore still checks in from time to time.

Personal History

Personal History Growing up on Efros Delta proved little entertainment for Gaius, someone who had to constantly be discovering and pretending to be a soldier. The snow covered planet saw Gaius becoming a winter soldier. He is at home in snow. His early years saw many fights with his brother, and a yearning to see what was above his planet's sky.

His favourite haunts in his teenage years were the trade hub, seeing many ships come and go. And the Starfleet marine base, hanging out in the mess and later getting a job as a cleaner in the base. His entire life seemed to verge on him leaving the planet and joining the military.

At the age of 16, he travelled to Earth onboard a Starfleet transport. Walking straight into the Starfleet Recruitment center, Gaius was told he was too young and was rejected from service until he was old enough. Soon after he was told by an Andorian Lieutenant that he could join the Andorian Defence force. And so after booking transport, he found himself at the ADF Military Academy.

After graduating, Gaius was assigned to the ADS Shran's Ushaan, the flagship of the training fleet. The ADF served as more of a secondary line of defence and tied in with the Andorian Police and security forces.
Education Primary Education: Saratoga Elementary, Efros Delta. 2359-2366.

Secondary Education: Ti-Oshanna College, Efros Delta. 2367-2369.
Design and Art
Efrosian Martial Arts
Andorian Language
Efrosian and Federation Literature
Military History
Federation History

Andorian Defence Force Military Academy, Andoria Prime. 2369-2370.
Major: Tactical and Security
Minor: Starship Design

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth. 2373-2376.
Major: Security and Tactical
Minor: Starship Design and Development
Honours: Starship Design and Development

Comissioned into Starfleet Naval Command. See Chronology.

Pre-Starfleet Career (If applicable) Gaius applied for Starfleet Academy in 2368, when he was only 16. The minimum intake age was 18. Gaius was told that there would be special dispensation for those with exceptional grades or those seeking an enlisted position. Gaius wanted to be a comissioned officer. He applied instead for the Andorian Defence Force. It was an odd move for an Efrosian man to do, but their age requirement was 16. He was comissioned as a Subshipman, and served aboard the ADS Shran's Ushaan. Andorian military service shaped Gaius into a well disciplined soldier and naval officer. He served as an Andorian Marine for a short time before deciding his career path as command division. It was his second year in the ADS before he got into his first big disagreement with a peer. The Traditional Ushaan-tor fight was set up and Gaius was stabbed in the chest, before slicing his opponents knee, leaving his opponent unable to stand or fight. Forcing the end to the match, in Gaius favour.

Upon learning of an exchange program between ADF members and Starfleet, Gaius applied for a year long exchange. This did not go down well with his superiors who had just granted him his third promotion to Senior Lieutenant. It was their concern that when they sent someone to Starfleet, they wouldnt come back.

And sure enough, Gaius resigned his comission and applied for Starfleet Academy once more. He felt right in his decision, seeing once again that his goal was to be in Starfleet.
Starfleet Academy Upon recieving confirmation of his acceptance to Starfleet Academy, Gaius left Andoria and headed on civilian transport to Earth. He recieved recognition for prior learning for his previous military career, this culminated in having a shorter Academy career. 3 years was his tenure, and he started off in 2nd year classes. It was at this time when he met his best friend, Thomas Kitch. He took to the Security and Tactical Division with electives in Basic Ship Design and Engineering. It was his idea that having a larger knowledge base would be essential to having a good career.

The Dominion War broke out in 2373 finding Gaius and Tom in a awkward situation. Being second year cadets they had no authority or knowledge to act or get themselves into the fight. This caused frustration for them both, as they were taking classes, people were dying. Cadets were ordered to help with Orbital Defence and doing other tasks that didnt need highly trained staff. Gaius was promoted to Acting Ensign, considering his former military training. He rallied the other cadets into their tasks. It was only in 2375 where the two of them saw any action. The Breen Attack on Earth.

Starfleet Academy came under attack from the Breen, just as Gaius and Tom were on a Holo-Field excercise. During the chaos, they managed to rescue a dozen cadets as well as maintaining security as the Breen Commandos beamed in. The two did not see excact combat, but got close enough.

After the conclusion of the war, Gaius had decided to continue his career at the Academy with a further course in Starship design. Rekindling an old hobby. He took it one step further as he and Tom submitted a design to the Advanced Starship Design Bereau. It won acclaim from the Bereau and began development. For a short time they had a consultation job at Starfleet Command.

It wasnt Gaius place to be however, seeking assignment to the USS Hadrien as a tactical officer. Tom decided to stay at the ASDB for a short time before himself finding a position aboard a starship.
Early Career 2377: Assigned to USS Hadrian. Position: Tactical Officer

The USS Hadrien was Gaius first deep-space posting. He was assigned as a Tactical officer.

2379: Assigned to USS Orshkva, Promoted to Lieutenant . Position: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.
Later Postings 2382: Assigned to USS Bradbury. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Position: Chief Tactical Officer.
2385: Assigned further responsibilities: Second Officer.
USS Endeavour 2386: Assigned to USS Endeavour, Promoted to Commander, First Officer.


2353: Born on Efros Delta
2369: Applied for Andorian Defence Force. Accepted.
2370: Comissioned into ADF, Sub Lieutenant. Assigned to ADS Shran's Ushaan. Position: Junior Security Officer.
2371: Promoted to Lieutenant. Position: Assistant Chief Security Officer.
2372: Promoted to Senior Lieutenant. Position: Chief Security Officer.
2373: Resignation from ADF, Application to Starfleet Academy. Accepted.
2373-2375: Dominion War.
2373-2376: Starfleet Academy - Security and Tactical School.
2376: Comissioned into Starfleet Navy, Ensign. Temporary Assignment to Starfleet Headquarters as Junior Consultant.
2377: Assigned to USS Hadrian. Position: Tactical Officer
2379: Assigned to USS Orshkva, Promoted to Lieutenant . Position: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.
2382: Assigned to USS Bradbury. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Position: Chief Tactical Officer.
2385: Assigned further responsibilities: Second Officer.
2386: Assigned to USS Endeavour, Promoted to Commander, First Officer.

Medical History Starfleet Patient Record: Gaius Ra-Xialli.
Race: Efrosian
Report By: Commander Elizabeth Grier, Ph.D, Starfleet Medical.

Ra-Xialli is in excellent health. A couple of minor scars which patient has refused to heal, otherwise flawless body. Due to the colder conditions on the Efrosian homeworld, Efrosian males are known to have a longer 'prime' time of their life, as opposed to humans. This ranges from adolescence, well into their 60s to 70s. This can account for the immense health and stamina that this patient posseses.

Efrosian eyesight is another concern, initially Ra-Xialli's eyesight was subpar, ranging below average as compared to humans. However with the administration of Rednax 5, the patient has seen vast improvement in eyesight. It is now above average.

Patient has had sleeping disorders on and off throughout his career, insomnia is a constant companion. This is cured by any strenuous activity. Patient has been administered a regime to allow this to happen.

Psychologically speaking Ra-Xialli is a rather calm and seemingly wise individual. This however can change depending on his body temperature. If it is raised above 25 degrees celcius, patient can exude some aggressive tendancies. This can be discouraged by using a cooling hypospray.
Medication Rednax 5: Administered once every three months.
Sillgell: Administered before away missions to higher temperature planets.
Allergies None known.