NCC - 86105

Lieutenant JG Elisabette Souda

Name Elisabette Sophia Souda

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Biographical Information

Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Year 2361
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 134 lbs
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Light Blue
Physical Description According to her parents, El is a lovely young lady.. if she’d learn to stop slouching and clean the grime out from under her nails. Or if she’d ever do anything with her long blonde hair other than bind it back into a braid or falling half out of an untidy bun. Despite all of her elegant European bone structure, high cheekbones and almond eyes, she does little to emphasize it beyond maintaining her looks just enough to pass within regulations that would deem an officer too untidy for a performance review.

Beyond that, El rather likes her freckles, she hates tucking her shirt in and she’d rather have her nails bare and cut short. She wears no jewelry on a regular basis and her ears are not pierced. If one was to look very closely at her ears, they’d notice her ‘ears’ as El calls them: compact, clear filament implants that curl around the outside of both ears and into her ear canals. She doesn’t point them out, though her tendency to watch lips still is a tip off to look for the implants. El will also sign when she gets agitated or gets lost looking for the right words.

Family Data

Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Eduardo Kaplan Souda, Sr.
Mother Stella Masjane Alaviv Souda
Brother(s) Eduardo Kaplan Souda, Jr. ‘Ranger’
Lennox Grier Souda ‘Bandit’
Rowan Louis Souda ‘Pip’
Harrison Charles Souda 'Brick’
Craige Welch Souda 'Pickle’
Sister(s) Hazel Bridgette Souda ‘Delta’
Paola Skye Souda ‘Bogie'
Other Family Far too many aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. to mention.

Ben Carridae - Mentor

Personality Profile

General Overview A casual observer would sum El up to be a firecracker: a little reckless and wild with a hot flash of temper thrown in. She tends to ignore the personal space of others, yet insists on her own, as well as a hundred other little contradictions that effectively alienates her rather effectively from less patient crew mates in the blink of an eye. Most of these quirks are leftover self-preservation techniques learned as the youngest, broken child from a very large and boisterous family. The problem is that as she’s grown, she never grew out of them.

Scout- as her father calls her- is a much better summation of the El that those close to her come to know. She’s the outside observer looking in. The uninvited lurker on the fringe of polite society. Because she feels that she doesn’t belong, she doesn’t try too hard to be involved or even interested as too often that interest becomes jealousy. Rather than spend a night ranting to herself over a bowl of ice cream about how very unfair everything is, she remains withdrawn to a safe, neutral position until she can be back on her own territory again.

Passion and frustration are the two key motivators in El’s life. Passion because it has that satisfying burn so close to anger that when you let it lead you, you soar on it. Frustration because more often than not, El finds herself wanting something that she just can’t have. The combination doesn’t make her bitter as much as it makes her take a much more creative approach towards getting her hands on what she really does want and then tenaciously holding on so it doesn’t get away again.

El is at heart very much a fighter. It’s learning what to fight for that she’s still a little off kilter over. She doesn’t like to quit. Hates having to back down off- if she can be convinced to back down at all. Territorial, loyal, cranky- and those are her more endearing qualities.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
-Extremely patient (even if she's grouchily vocal about being so the entire time)
-High pain threshold both physically and mentally
-Certainly not squeamish
-Dedicated worker
-Competent in a fist fight or a firefight
-Judicious use of jury-rig equipment (read creative)

-Dependent on implants to hear
-Harbors rejection issues
-Pessimistic by nature
-Tends to push herself very hard to overcompensate for her perceived weaknesses
-Requires a medical regiment for pain management
-Judicious use of jury-rig equipment (read untried/possibly unsafe)
-Stubborn to a fault
-Lives in the now, not the future and therefore has a very hard time planning ahead
-Tends to be blunt and to the point
-Despises having her face or ears touched
Ambitions Find/discover or create a permanent implant that allows her to apply for her pilot's license. Beyond that would take too much planning ahead.
Hobbies & Interests Aviation, racing (anything that goes extremely fast with a reckless lack of self-preservation), architecture, action flicks, rock climbing, loud music with deep bass, ice skating, kayaking, zero gravity sports

El also has an alarming knowledge of weaponry and all its various bits and pieces thanks to her parents (and zip interest in it).
Languages Federation Standard, Peninsular Spanish, Latin

Personal Relationships

Family El's close to her father, her sisters and brother Harrison only. The rest she can only stand at arm's length. In fact, one could go so far as to say that she actively avoids them- especially her mother. In her defense, El's mother regards El with matching distrust/distaste/animosity, so no one bothers to try and put the two of them in the same room any longer. Things get broken. When it comes to family reunions, El will go only if threatened or if the bribe is attractive enough.
Relationships El has never had a relationship that was anything other than fun and extremely casual. Most haven't lasted long enough to even talk about getting serious.
Friendships Personal relationships for El are multitudes of steps and layers. Most people only get so far- about the level of polite acquaintances. Very few are allowed to get really close. Those she'd kill for without a second thought.

Personal History

Personal History If asked El typically describes her family as old money meeting an armory then squatting out a small private platoon. The description, actually, isn't too far off. El's mother Stella met her father Eduardo shortly after being discharged from Starfleet Marines for psychological issues. As El would translate: her mother is quite clearly insane. Her father, likewise, is as nutty as a ten-year-old-Christmas-fruitcake-cum-arms-manufacturer, took a shine to the woman's overly paranoid ways and proposed. Thus the start of a happy and overly well-armed family. Together they created a parent company known as Niketis Industries and set about populating a small stronghold with children, assigned mildly-scarring nicknames to each newborn to make up for their pretentious choices of given names. El considers herself lucky on that one- not being Delta for being the fourth born or Brick for the ability to make ten pound diaper loads. Scout came about later for her tendency to sneak off alone and sulk later in life. Before that, she was just plain El.

If it sounds like thought wasn't put into it, one would have to put into perspective what it was like to deal with El as a child. She was born deaf and very much in pain. Despite having access to some of the most expensive procedures and cutting edge technology, little could be done to try and correct the condition while El was young, leaving her on the verge of feral and wild. Nannies were hired to keep an eye on her as Eduardo was busy between tending to his demanding business and his other seven children. Her mother frequently disappeared on 'sabbaticals' as Eduardo put it, which was the polite way of saying she'd been sent away where she wouldn't hurt anyone until she was well enough to come back.

Stella never returned quite the same as she left. She was overcome with paranoia, insisting that her children were more soldiers than kids and her home was a fortress that would protect everyone inside from anything outside. The only one not fitting into that scheme was El, as her constant tantrums made it impossible to be anything remotely close to what Stella needed her to be. The wedge that this created between them made it easier to send El away for help rather than keep her locked up with the rest of her siblings. This ultimately was a blessing in disguise, as El ended up free to be who and what she chose to be instead of molded into a little clone of her parents.

El's typical nanny/bodyguard/etc. was a man named Ben Carridae. As a retired marine himself, he had no shortage of patience and all the energy needed to keep up with a surly, troubled little child. If she needed to scream, he'd get down on his knees and scream alongside her. If she slept, he was sleeping next to her. Every surgery, every excavation through muddy fields or miserable trip through an art gallery, he was right there by her side. When she finally tired of raging blindly, he was the one who got her to start signing and lip reading. When she was 14 an implant was finally found that worked with El's unique chemistry. The advent of personal sound was almost too much for El to cope with, but Ben was right there next to her as if she was his own child, helping her along.

Between the implants and a therapy to manage pain, El turned out to be a pretty smart cookie. She'd always done well in school (when not smashing her learning slates under chair legs or something similarly destructive). With the ability to communicate directly (an a little anger management) all sorts of new doors were opened. El even developed a relationship with some of her siblings and to some extent her father, though her mother still regarded her as damaged and remained aloof.
Education As stated above, early learning with El was more like attempting to teach a lion tricks without the perk of being motivated by food. She worked at her own pace when she felt like it and threw horrific tantrums if anyone attempted to alter the deal. This lead to a lot of misleading labels like 'stupid' or 'slow' and even 'deranged'- meaning that there was a new private teacher rotated in on a regular basis. The one saving grace- despite El's tendency to be an utter brat- was that she tested extremely well if left to her own devices.

Pre-Starfleet Career (If applicable) N/A
Starfleet Academy With all of El's brothers and sisters following along after their mother to become good little pilots and soldiers and so on as soon as they were old enough to enlist, El was spared the ritual in so far as she was thrown at the Academy with a few prayers and ample begging to please let her test into *some* respectable field. There also might have been donations, but that has yet to be proven. Ahem.

Regardless, El stuck to the program (she was suitably threatened that if she failed, she would be forced into becoming a sales rep for the family company). Aptitude testing dropped her into science studies, where she regularly made herself an obtuse pain in the rear for most of the instructors. And her roommate. And possibly her roommate's parents. Again, completely yet to be proven.

El struggled to catch up with her class mates in some subjects, surpassed them in others. In the end she graduated with a nice, average tally that just.. wasn't.. terribly impressive..
Early Career El's first ship was the USS Pearl Harbor: a rusty old bucket that barely qualified as a science vessel as much as a sensor platform tied together with bailing wire and duct tape. While she was pleased to be away from her family, El was horribly lonely. She spent most of her time cleaning labs and watching over botany experiments in isolation wards.

The USS Genesee was much better to El. As a no longer newly minted science officer (just enough rank to be mildly dangerous) she had her own experiments to labor over. She often ran back and forth between engineering and medical, working with both equally to balance out whatever aspect of the project that needed shoring up. Her claim to fame aboard the Genesee was rewiring the nervous system of a crippled Leptian eels. This started the Frankenfish incident for which she broke Ensign Alton Brummel's foot with a rather precise strike of her heel and 'enough force to make up for his startling lack of tact'.
Later Postings Both the USS Estes and the USS Manitowoc were equally drab by comparison. The only difference was when the current assistant chief science officer on the Mani (Pedi) keeled over at his desk one day, leaving El the next viable choice for the position. The chief science officer agreed, stating that 'at least she had a solid ticker' before sloughing off a lion's share of analysis and comparison projects off on El to keep her so utterly busy that she couldn't possibly cause trouble.

Boy was she wrong.

By that point the Mani's CO had taken enough of a shine to El that he convinced old Crenshaw to encourage her spunk appropriately. Mold her into being a better officer. Once again, the adage has yet to be proven and is under investigation.
USS Endeavour As the new Chief Science Officer of the USS Endeavour, El has promised solemnly to try and behave as much as possible including and up to the following ideas:

-Not snapping at those that interrupt unintentionally
-Not snapping at those that approach her when she's turned her implants off to ignore another once she recognizes that they're standing there talking *at* her
-Not resorting to physical violence unless against a sibling or in self defense or if invited to
-Attempt respectful tone as well as respectful words
-Wear a full uniform daily sans modifications
-Attempt to be social if for no other purpose than a social experiment to be reasoned away later if need be


2361: Born in Seville, Spain on Earth
Diagnosed clinically deaf due to Arven Syndrome
2365: Handed off to Ben Carridae as the official caretaker
2366: First attempt of 17 to correct the physical and chemical make up
of El's ears. All of which failed except for cosmetically creating
the look of normal ears.
2375: First successful implant, resulting in 6 months of audio. Following
implants resulted in anywhere from 6 months to four years
between rejections
2378: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2382: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2383: USS Pearl Harbor - Science Officer
2384-2385: USS Estes - Science Officer
2386-2389: USS Manitowoc - Science Officer / Assistant Chief Science
2389: USS Endeavour - Chief Science Officer

Medical History El was born with Arven's Syndrome: a debilitating disease that significantly alters the chemical make up of the inner ear, including the ability to form the small bones and membranes that make it possible to hear. Cause of the illness has been traced back to maternal exposure to specific chemical compounds when mixed with combat enhancing drugs utilized by Sarfleet Marines during the 2350s. Why El is the only one of her siblings effected is unknown.

Other than her inability to hear and the pain associated with Arven's Syndrome, El is in good physical shape.
Medication -Current implant is a 995D Epigrid Series 7. Expected run is two more years before rejection.
-Weekly pain control regimen
Allergies N/A
Family Medical History History of mental illness, mother

No other outstanding illness or incident reported