NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Lyon Winters

Name Lyon Ares Winters

Position Chief of Security

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 @ 9:22pm

Biographical Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Lyon has a solid build, with very little fat due to his regular use of the fitness programs on the holodeck and non-sedentary lifestyle. Doesn't quite have a six-pack but has a fairly toned body as he likes to try and keep in shape as much as possible. He has been described as handsome or rugged in some quarters.

Family Data

Father John Winters
Mother Anna Winters
Sister(s) Victoria Winters (Deceased), Elizabeth James-Winters

Personality Profile

General Overview Lyon is a polite, courteous and well cultured individual. He is somewhat diplomatic from his childhood experiences. He also has a fine eye for blades, with pride of place being his daishō set. He enjoys classical and other 'softer' forms of music which he finds very relaxing. He is also very patient and slow to anger; he chalks it up to his meditation. He can be extremely chipper at times but as a member of the command team, he, on the other hand, will not suffer fools gladly - keeping his teams well poised and efficient. If a mistake is made and it’s not life threatening or an immediate risk he will make a mental note and at the end of the shift will take the crewmember to one side, finding out the reason before deciding what to do once he has the facts. When not on duty, he is a keen cook but also loves to socialise. He has a good rapport with the crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lyon’s calm under pressure, has excellent spatial awareness, quick reflexes, and sometimes has an interesting ability to improvise should anything unexpected arise. He has skill with both sword and pistol. He’s also quite charismatic but sometimes this is offset by his blunt honesty which rears its head every now and then. Occasionally he may make an inappropriate joke to break the tension but usually means nothing by it.
Ambitions To be named ‘up there’ along with the likes of Captains Kirk and Picard and Admiral Janeway but more realistically he would love to be the first to explore uncharted space and find something to name after himself. Oh and also gain the coveted rank of Captain.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, Shooting, Reading, 20th & 21st Century music, Calligraphy, Archaeology, History, Poker and playing the violin.
Languages Federation Standard, Japanese, Welsh, Klingon

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Birthdate: February 14th 2351
Place: London, UK

Early Years:
Doctor John Winters was already an acclaimed archaeologist and professor at Oxford when he met his future wife, Lieutenant Commander Anna Williams, who had put her Starfleet career on hold while she completed her Doctorate in Medical Sciences.

Shortly after she graduated they began courting each other and over the period of a year they had gotten engaged. Both sets of parents were ecstatic. Anna’s family had a long history of being Naval Officers stretching back to the 18th Century so joining Starfleet was as natural for her as breathing. John’s family had been a mixed bunch, some had been in the military, and some had been in government while the more recent generations had been explorers or scientists.

Soon after they were married, their first child came along who they named Elizabeth Alana. She was a sweet but quiet girl who loved her father more than anything. When Elizabeth was two, Lyon was born and Elizabeth promised to be the ‘bestest sister ever’.

Over the next three years, this proved to be true as Anna was recalled back to active duty and assigned to a Nebula-class out-fitted for a three year deep space exploration as Chief Medical Officer.

Back in London, while her father was at work and before she started schooling, Elizabeth did everything she could to help out her ‘Granny Joan’ (John’s Mother) who ended up as the babysitter.

It was during Elizabeth’s absence while she was at school that Lyon started reading and grew to love this activity as it passed the time and also allowed him to forget, for a time, that his Mother and sister were not at home. He devoured the children’s section of their family library and started to read books that were a little above his reading skill and knowledge. He didn’t get very far but his Gran helped him by explaining the words he didn’t understand.

Lyon was almost four when his Mother returned; she regaled them all with stories of life in Deep Space and encountering strange new things. This caught Lyon’s imagination and would ultimately be the driving force of him joining Starfleet. Elizabeth was more interested in the scientific aspects and kept asking lots of questions which Anna, laughing, tried her best to answer.

Anna was assigned to Starfleet Medical as a junior director after her shore leave was up, which suited the family as they were together once again. Things took their course and soon Elizabeth and Lyon had a younger sister, Victoria Jayne.

Lyon loved his family and surprisingly got on well with his sisters who he adored. Elizabeth was precocious and was always getting him to do what she wanted but he soon learned to bargain with her to get his way though it was few and far between.

Due to his voracious appetite for reading and his Granny Joan’s help, he found he was above many of his classmates in various subjects. He didn’t make many friends but the few he already had became the best of friends and they did everything together.

When Lyon was six and Elizabeth eight, Anna was requested to do a routine informal inspection of Mars’ main medical facilities which was due to last several days. As the older children were at school she decided to take Victoria with her, being one year old she was old enough to travel.

It was during the second day of inspections that tragedy struck; she was onboard a small inter-planetary shuttle with Victoria when it lost power and had to crash-land. Victoria was killed instantly and Anna’s left side was badly burned and injured when one of the conduits exploded from the crash. Despite the emergency teams being on-site within minutes Anna lost the use of her left eye and had limited mobility with her left arm.

The family was devastated and were in mourning for months. Lyon and Elizabeth withdrew into themselves when they were told and it was months before they returned to any semblance of normality.

Due to the damage received Anna was unable to have any prosthesis for her eye and wore a patch. John became a part-time lecturer to look after her and the children while she was recuperating. Anna was later medically discharged from Starfleet but had nothing to worry about as the family had plenty of friends and family around them.

School Years:
While Elizabeth went to an all girls private school, Lyon attended the Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. They only met up over the summer when he had enough leave accrued. Lyon also started training in martial arts including the art of the sword.

During his years there, he was taught many things including seamanship, teamwork, sciences and piloting amongst others. It was one of the prime Academies in the British Isles.

His favourite subjects were astronomy, mathematics, seamanship and navigation which he excelled at. He made the rugby team in his third year and the shooting team in his fourth. He was popular with his fellow students and regularly ended up getting hauled in front of the Commandant to explain his actions on the occasions he got caught pranking.

In his fifth year he made captain of the rugby team, a sport he really enjoyed and kept the captaincy until he graduated. In addition to his sporting endeavors he also made the Navy shooting team four years running, participating with other schools around the world. His dreams were still to go into space and the best way to do that was to join Starfleet.

He made a plethora of friends, many were going straight into Starfleet after they graduate, and others were deciding to stay Earth-bound.

His scores marked him in the top five percent upon graduation. He had the option of joining Starfleet Academy for four years or going the much quicker route as enlisted. He chose enlisted as he wanted to get into space as quickly as possible.

Early Starfleet Years:
Flying through the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, he was assigned as Crewman 1st Class to the USS Berlin as Shuttle pilot. Within 18 months he had made Petty Officer 2nd Class. He was very popular with the crew who had been passengers and was very efficient. He had participated with several engineers in retro-fitting a tractor beam to one of the shuttles. It wasn’t all that powerful due to what power it had available but it worked.

While serving on the Berlin, they received a distress call during a patrol along the Neutral Zone. There was an old D-12 attacking a civilian freighter in a nearby system. The surviving civilians were rescued and two exiled Klingons captured with the destruction of the D-12.

Lyon’s actions along with his exemplary record earned him a commendation and brevet promotion to Ensign with a recommendation to attend Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy:
While at the Academy Lyon decided to Major in Astrophysics with minors in Advanced Theoretical Physics and Warp Theory amongst the other courses spread over the four years. He made the shooting team and joined the swordsmanship club. He also kept up his martial arts during this time.

Post Academy:
Lyon graduated third in his Class and was posted to the USS Venture as Tactical Officer during the start of Operation Return. He stayed on the Venture throughout the Dominion War gaining several field service decorations along the way.

After the war he participated in the Officer Exchange Programme, becoming Weapons Officer onboard the IKS Hor’Cha. His Klingon, though already technically fluent, grew in leaps and bounds until his accent almost sounded ‘native’. He learned how to use a bat’leth first-hand, particularly because he had to prove himself many times. He really enjoyed his time on the Klingon warship and would love to experience it again though Blood Wine took some getting used to.

After his Exchange ended he was re-assigned to the USS Thomas Paine as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. He soon earned the respect of the crew through his hard work and determination and served in this capacity for several years before being made Chief Tactical Officer. Also his willingness to help and listen were valued amongst the officers and enlisted.

The Senior Staff onboard the USS Thomas Paine saw many positive qualities and attributes to Lyon over the five years he had served onboard and the Captain herself requested Starfleet Command to permit him to attend Starfleet Academy's Distance Learning Program for Command Officer Training. Once approval had been granted, Lyon attended all mandatory lessons under the direction of the Executive Officer, Commander Michael Blythe.

The program was difficult, as it should be. Lyon found it very hard at times in maintaining a high enough grade due to the intensity of the course and his primary job. The Senior Staff had high expectations of him, particularly Commander Blythe, who was expecting nothing less than his best.

At the conclusion of the year, Lyon completed his grueling yearlong course and gained the coveted status as a Command Qualified candidate. The following year, with the promotion of the Second Officer to an Executive Officer's billet onboard a Galaxy class, Lyon was recommended for the post. He’d achieved an outstanding reputation on board the Thomas Paine as an overly exceptional Starfleet Officer and gained his next step on the ladder.


Crewman/Petty Officer - Shuttle pilot, USS Berlin (2367-2369)
Ensign (acting) - Assistant Tactical Officer, USS Berlin (2369)
Cadet - Starfleet Academy (2370 - 2374)
Ensign - Tactical Officer, USS Venture (2374 - 2375)
Lieutenant JG - Tactical Officer, USS Venture (2375 - 2377)
Lieutenant JG - Weapons Officer (Officer Exchange Programme), IKS Hor'Cha (2377 - 2378)
Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Thomas Paine (2378 - 2379)
Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Thomas Paine (2379 - 2382)
Lieutenant - Chief Tactical Officer, USS Thomas Paine (2382 - 2384)
Lieutenant - Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer, USS Thomas Paine (2384 - 2386)