NCC - 86105

Warrant Officer Kai Tsenzori

Name Kai Tsenzori

Position Engineer's Mate

Rank Warrant Officer


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Sat May 22nd, 2010 @ 5:39pm

Biographical Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Fairly chiseled features.

Family Data

Personality Profile

General Overview He's quiet and hardworking, he doesn't generally stick to a schedule
Strengths & Weaknesses Lack of social skills, preference to working alone and efficiently.
Ambitions To live a peaceful life.
Hobbies & Interests Organizing his next day

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Kai grew in Berlin, European Union, Earth. Life was always filled with the latest in engineering feats and his schooling seemed to push him in that direction. At the age of 10 he graduated Primary School and started with a Scholarship at the Academy of Engineering.

Although this wasn't specifically for Starfleet and he didn't have dreams to go to starfleet he was being watched by a number of lectures who saw him as a steady, yet quiet individual. Kai took a number of modules including Design & Theory in Construction, Physics & Chemistry Standard, Woodwork, Standard and later Advanced Metal Work and Computer Languages.

Although his grades were average in most of his subjects he gained an 2i in Computer Languages which happened to be the second highest grade available. His third year was the most strenuous at the age of thirteen but he had taken on an extra module, "Foundation Skills in Mechanics & Computing." This was a wide ranging module but the work load was relatively low. Kai graduated with a Merit and twice decorated for the most reliable student before being approached by Starfleet.

Starfleet inquired about accepting Kai into the Guild of Engineering along side the established IEEE, both of which were long standing professional public organisations, this also meant that he would have to study at the Guild of Engineering before he was allowed a job. If he passed however he was certain to obtain employment at Starfleet Research and Development.

In his first year, he started off with the basics but slowly enhanced his knowledge by reading around the subject. It was his second year that started to become more challenging as he was given placements periodically on practical solutions. One time he had to help fix a power conduit in a low level company but on the very next placement he was helping to reconfigure a holo-matrix for a group of scientists.

Although he gained much experience he wasn't exactly experienced about doing things on the job. That was until his fifth year when he turned 18 at that time he was sent on an Armed Forces placement. Instead of being in a quiet environment he was sent along with a regiment that was training in security and defense this particular training session ended up being in a simulated terrorist environment.

The simulation failed because he blew everyone up by tripping a command sequence hidden within the code. Although this wasn't a blemish on his record it did make him feel the need to re-study Computer Forensics along side Augmented Reality after which he returned to the same training regime. Of course this time he passed mainly because of the computer forensics he had learned, but due to practical studies in Augmented Reality he was able to sufficiently devise a small solution in the simulation to the give the training team an advantage. The simulation was a success and he received an award for performance.

It was at this time Starfleet gave him a two year placement and he was sent to the Pegasus Fleet as an Engineer on the USS Endeavour.


USS Endeavour.