NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Lianna Vanders

Name Lianna Vanders

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant


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Fri Apr 15th, 2011 @ 6:18pm

Biographical Information

Species Betazoid
Gender Female
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Colour Audborn
Eye Colour Black
Physical Description Li is athletically built, along with the Airborne Tattoo on her right shoulder that identifies her as a former member of Starfleet's Airborne Corps. Li was heavily trained as an airborne commando capable of preforming orbital drops behind enemy lines.

She is moderately telepathic, but she dose not use it very often. Normally, she wears a Starfleet Uniform, and she dose not dress informally very often.

Family Data

Spouse Jared Vanders (Deceased)
Children Sara Vanders (Four Years Old during Betazed Occupation, Deceased)
Micheal Vanders (Eight Years Old during Betazed Occupation, Deceased)
Kaitlyn Vanders (Nine Months Old, Missing)
Father Richard Telan (Deceased)
Mother Julie Telan (Deceased)

Personality Profile

General Overview Lianna is a very bitter and reserved woman. She has a very pragmatic view of the galaxy, and prefers to mind her own business rather than to form any lasting relations. She follows orders to the letter, and she has somewhat of a respect for the other members of the her former unit. But usually, she maintains an arms-length relationship with everyone.

If she has an opinion, usually she'll keep it to herself unless someone asks for it. Mostly, no one likes to ask for her opinion, it usually ends with Li pointing out flaws and mistakes rather than anything remotely encouraging. Normally, her Commanding Officers prefer that she didn't speak her mind, and Li rarely volunteers any information about herself.

On duty, she is a very difficult person to work for. She pushes people to their limits, but she is well aware what the physical and psychological limits of the officers, that serve under her, are. She is loyal to those that she serves with. Whether or not someone likes her, or hates her, has no bearing on her opinion of those under her. Impress her, and she begins to bond.
Strengths & Weaknesses During hostile situations, Li's tactical and strategic expertise is unmatched. She understands war very well, but she dose not understand peace very well. If a terrorist were to take a hostage, Li would rather find some way to distract him long enough for a sniper to have a clean shot than to establish any form of rapport.
Ambitions Li believes completely that the Dominion will return with another fleet once it has recovered enough. War is a certancy with Li. Either against the Dominion or against another race such as the Borg or the Romulans.
Hobbies & Interests Target Practice on the Holodeck
Languages English, Betazoid Telepathy, Klingon

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Li's life was very different ten years ago on Betazed. She grew up on Betazed and in the Idylic peace of a small town near Lake Cataria. But her peaceful life did not last long. During the days leading up to the Dominion War, Li took a scholarship to Starfleet Academy training to be a Counsellor. That was until Betazed was occupied by the Dominion. Li tried to find out the status of her husband, son, and daughter on Betazed in order to find out that the Dominion had actively purged her entire home town because many of the inhabitants were families of Starfleet Officers.

Li abandoned her plans to become a Counselor, and enlisted in a dangerous new program in Starfleet that were looking for volunteers. It was known as the 101st Starfleet Airborne Corps, and the objective of the Airborne Corps was to drop commandos, behind enemy lines, to disable planetary defenses in a planned liberation of Betazed. Many Betazoid's volunteered for the Airborne in an effort to liberate their world.

It was expected that the Airborne Corps would have an nintey-eight percent casualty rate, this did not bother Li one bit. The Plan was to use Cloaked Klingon Ships to deliver five hundred single-person drop pods to deliver the Commandoes onto Betazed and disable the Planetside Defenses. The Airborne Corps' mission was successful when they were dropped, but as expected, only one hundred survived the mission and the liberation.

After the war, the Airborne Corps was disbanded. Many of the former Airborne retired, and some transferred into Starfleet Security. Li chose to continue her Starfleet Career as a Security Officer. After a few years of training at the Academy, she was assigned to several posts before the USS Endeavor.


Enaran University
Major: Psychology

Starfleet Academy
Counseling Cadet

Starfleet Airborne Training Program
Squad leader

Starfleet Academy
Supplimentary Security Training Program

USS Bellerophon
Asst. Chief of Security

Starbase 121
Chief of Security

USS Endeavour
Chief of Security