NCC - 86105

Lieutenant JG Dylan Tyler

Name Dylan Andrew Tyler

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Mon Oct 17th, 2011 @ 5:29pm

Biographical Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 187 Ibs.
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Green
Physical Description Medium, athletic build with white skin, though obviously tanned. His most attributing feature would be the crook of his eyebrow that usually follows a point of skepticism. His hair is short with curls that come close to his skull.

Family Data

Spouse none
Children none
Father Lieutenant James Tyler (deceased)
Mother Adrianna Tyler
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality Profile

General Overview Dylan is never satisfied with second place. The thought that he is not the best at his primary interests, being tactics and theory, is completely out of the question in Dylan's mind. Dylan is confident, and is close to the point of arrogant but not quite to that point. He is also exceptionally geared toward following rules. Starfleet protocols were the first things he memorized and still quoted throughout his years at the academy and during his first assignments. One of his faults is not always seeing past regulation to following an order.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
1. Is able to translate statistical data into practical use (translating ship schematics to attack/defense strategies in particular)
2. Photographic memory
3. Not easily influenced by emotions or people
4. Highly skilled in hand to hand combat
5. Specialist level in targeting both hand held weapons and ship weapons, having done a manual targeting for foton torpedoes due to the targeting sensors being down on a shuttle mission.

1. Highly opinionated with orders if they do not follow Starfleet Regulations to the letter. Confrontations between himself and a superior officer have occured, though the situation has always been ratified privately to this point.
2. Though not intentionally doing so, he alienates himself due to his always wanting to follow the rules leaving no room for compromise.
3. Has been known to resemble the personality of a Vulcan.
Ambitions To become Captain of his own ship and one day lead an offensive against the borg, as his father died in a borg engagement when he was 8 years old.
Hobbies & Interests Any strategy game, particularly chess. Also continuing training in hand to hand combat scenarios learning as much as 12 different fighting styles including Vulcan Karate, Klingon Batlith, and Bajoran short sword.
Languages Human, Klingon, Bajoran

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Dylan Tyler was born to James and Adrianna Tyler on Earth. James Tyler was an Engineer on the USS Hermes. Dylan lived aboard the Sovereign Class ship with his mother and father until he was 7 years old when his father transferred to the USS Montana where he was given the rank of Lieutenant.
Dylan was an average student in school, showing a great aptitude for memory lessons. It was rare for him to forget something that he read or saw, but other than this he was not outstanding at any subject.
However, when Commander Eric Lasser informed Dylan and his mother that his father had been killed in an engagement with the Borg, Dylan's life was changed. His father, breaking Starfleet regulation and a direct order, remained in Engineering to stabilize the warp field long enough for everyone to evacuate ship once the core was breached. While he did keep the field stabilized long enough to have nearly 75% of the crew reach the escape pods, the field finally did destabilize and he along with Captain Jonathan Rosson were killed along with several other crew members who had been killed during the attack.
Commander Lasser commended Lieutenant Tyler for his bravery, but Dylan held it against his father from that point onward. From that point onward, he buried himself into his studies and became an exemplary student. The few counseling sessions he had, he was amazingly well balanced, though he never displayed his hatred toward his father.
Once Dylan joined Starfleet, he was given a letter of recommendation by Commander Lasser who had assumed Dylan would follow in his father's foot steps and become an engineer. On the contrary, Dylan used the skills he inherited from his father in another field, Tactics.
By the time his first year at the academy had come to an end, he was already well versed with tactics and successfully completed three tactical engagement scenarios with marks well above average, being compared to that of Admiral Owen Paris when he did the same scenarios.
Once his Academy years were completed, he joined the USS Montana as a Tactical Officer where he received several commendations for service, however, due to several occasions of disagreements with the Department Head for Tactics, he decided to transfer to the Endeavour.


Starfleet Academy
*Outstanding scores in the top advanced tactical scenarios for both his year and the year above him during his first year.
*Top Tactical Graduate for his class

USS Montana
*Three Commendations during his time aboard the USS Montana
*One reprimand for insubordination, failing to follow the chain of command