NCC - 86105

Ensign Evelyn Sol

Name Evelyn Sol

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign


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Wed Aug 10th, 2011 @ 1:47pm

Biographical Information

Species Human/Vulcan
Gender Female
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 105
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Gray
Physical Description Evelyn is short and slight much like her human mother. Despite her small stature she is deceptively strong. Long dark brunette hair falls in waves down to the middle of her back framing an oval face set with delicate features and a generous mouth. Her most distinguishable feature are her large storm gray eyes.

Family Data

Spouse Sera Jenson (Deceased)
Children NA
Father Vel Sol (Professor of History at Cambridge)
Mother Cecile (Montreve) Sol (Psychologist)
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Uncle Tel Sol

Personality Profile

General Overview Evelyn is not as reserved as her Vulcan heritage might indicate. Though she does practice some meditation to help balance her strong Vulcan emotions, she embraces her humanity. She possess a quick dry wit, that occasionally borders on sarcasm. Singularly devoted to helping people, she enjoys her calling and is a compassionate and empathetic person. She is intelligent and enjoys the study of the mind. In the last couple of years since the loss of her wife she has become more reserved and harder to get close to personaly but just as devoted to her duties as an officer and counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Evelyn is fiercely loyal and has a keen mind. Compassion and empathy come easily to her. However because of her strong emotions from her Vulcan side and her history she is none to have a fierce temper if provoked. Also since her wifes death, despite her profession, she is slow to trust and hard to befriend on a personal level.
Ambitions Evelyn has been to command school but does not intend on trying to get captaincy of her own vessel. She does want to gain rank and earn a chief counselor position, and perhaps eventually rise higher at a position at Star Fleet medical or teach at the academy.
Hobbies & Interests Evelyn enjoys the study of philosophy, literature, art, and music from all different cultures.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Evelyn was raised in Cambridge England by her parents Vel and Cecile. Though her father taught her Vulcan ways of suppressing and controlling her powerful emotions. Being half human, Evelyn chose to use meditation techniques to keep them in check but she embraces her emotions. Taking a page from her mother she has always enjoyed the study of the mind, that's what led her to the her mother's branch of study. Evelyn excelled in her studies and earned her degree in Psychology at Cambridge before entering the academy. While at Cambridge she met and courted Sera Jenson eventually marrying her before entering the academy. After graduation Evelyn took up a post at Starfleet medical, while her wife practiced medicine in the civilian sector. Tragedy struck 8 years into their marriage when Sera died unexpectedly in a freak shuttle accident on her way back from a conference on Risa. Evelyn mourned deeply at her loss, and soon after requested a transfer to a vessel, leaving her life on Earth behind.


Graduated Academy
Served At Starfleet Medical in San Fransisco
Transfered to current position