NCC - 86105

Lieutenant JG Maeik Gaius

Name Maeik Gaius PhD (NPC)

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Second Position Contact Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Biographical Information

Species Shoka
Gender Male
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description A physically imposing presence comes more as a result of his genetic heritage than any strict regiment that he keeps to. The Shoka are blessed with being largely physically fit without much regiment or diet, something which he is often found thankful for given the excesses of a life in Starfleet.

Family Data

Spouse None
Children None
Father Jarvil Gaius (Deceased)
Mother Harsa (Deceased)
Other Family Maeik views one of his instructors from Starfleet Academy, one Commander [then Lt Cmdr] Tellaé as a close member of his family. Tellaé assisted Gaius in making the transition from the Shoka homeworld to the more debauched surroundings of Starfleet Academy.

Personality Profile

General Overview The over-riding impression one might take of Maeik is that he is an upstart with an inflated level of confidence for a man with so few years behind him.

While this may be irritating to some, the chances of anyone being hostile to Maeik for too long are slim. Despite being in a traditionally dry profession, Maeik possesses quite a bright disposition and enjoys poking fun at his colleagues.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Efficient- can work quickly to achieve established aims.
+ Natural leader - is able to get the best out of his team by making sure that they are given enough work at their level but also a few challenges along the way.
+ Preparedness - is always willing to work and is always ready for a challenge.

- Intolerant of religion - upbringing has created a hostility towards all forms of organised and unorganised religion which can often lead to clashes.
- Fastidious - can get caught up in his work and miss appointments and report deadlines.
- Has little regard for rank - depending on the situation, can often forget his place.
Hobbies & Interests - Late 20th Century Crime History
- Disruptor Weaponry
- Alien Spirits & Alcohol
- Alien Religions
- Anthropology
Languages Federation Standard, Shokaan

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History In 2364, Harsa [surnames are not given to women on Shokaal III] gave birth to Maeik Gaius. Harsa and her husband Jarvil were amongst the 99% of Shoka who kept 'the faith' of the planet.

[Starfleet Report Excerpt]

The Shoka are a deeply spiritual people who are unsure of outside interference by the Federation. They happily accepted becoming part of the UFP given their proximity to the Gorn Hegemony who made several attempts to annex the Shokaal system during the late 2200s and early 2300s. According to a survey conducted by Starfleet Science Anthropology teams in 2382, almost 70% of the population live in monasteries as Faith Keepers while a quite unprecedented 99% of the population keep to the doctrines of the faith.

The Anthropology teams raised a number of concerns regarding the welfare of the 1% who do not follow the doctrine but no proof has ever been brought forward that they are mistreated by the leaders of the world.

The doctrines are a series of tests and proofs that all believing Shoka must go through in order to prove themselves to the Church and the Government who are very much one and the same.

[Excerpt Ends]

By age 12 the young Gaius had realised his path lay beyond the confines and the restrictive doctrines of the Shoka church and that it was only a matter of time until he had to admit this to his family and the Government. All deviations from the faith must be registered with the government.

Despite the government's reassurances to the Federation that no Shoka are ever castigated or punished for not following the faith, Maeik is living proof that their words are fiction. His mother and father threw him out of their home, ironically flying in the face of the Doctrine of Forgiveness. He was financially cut-off by the Shoka government and blacklisted from all forms of employment or emigration.

By age 13, living in the large Draconian building on the outskirts of the main city which was known as 'The Compound' was beginning to grate on the young man and he fell in with a crowd of staunch anti-doctrinites who called themselves "The Truth". Their actions made them very few friends among the believers in the city who made every attempt they could to subjugate the people living in 'The Compound' but it was soon realised that they were neither going to be converted or controlled.

The inhabitants of 'The Compound' were deported off-world to Shokaal III's first moon. With no supervision or means of escape, many became distraught and inconsolable at the harshness of their treatment by their own people and went quite mad. Others became consumed by hate at their treatment by the elders and their own families and "The Truth" movement began to gain momentum in that lonely lunar colony.

Some, however, resolved to escape the regime of the Shoka Government and laid their plans for escape, developing ever more complex and experimental technologies in order to aid their escape attempts. Passing Federation freighters became the target for most of the escape attempts with The Compound's inhabitants trying desperately to find ways to stow-away in the cargos as the freighters passed by.

Maeik Gaius was one of the lucky ones who managed to make it onto a freighter. Despite being found by the freighter's Captain one Khalif Al-Farhal. The usual practice was for stowaways to be returned to their government but Al-Farhal took pity on the boy and allowed him to live aboard the freighter for the next few runs it made, changing its usual supply route from Shoka to the markets in the Myar System.

After a year, the young Gaius was itching to move to Earth, having excelled in his studies over the preceding year aboard the freighter. Living aboard had given him ample time to read and perfect his mathematical skill before his application to Starfleet Academy was accepted. Despite his lacking in certain educational facets, the accepting Academy Instructor was impressed by the boy's abilities when it came to anthropological studies. He had, as the commander would later go on to say, a 'real knack for it'.

After his graduation (a middling 7th in his class) in 2384, he was encouraged to apply as science officer to his mentor's new vessel, the USS Somerset, a Miranda class cruiser which was designed to teach recent graduates specialist skills in their chosen areas. Lieutenant Commander Tallaé was chosen to command the vessel and rushed through his application. While aboard, he began working part time on his PhD thesis focussing on the Federation protectorate of deeply religious races.

After completing his PhD, he reapplied to be assigned to Galactic South, the location of his homeworld in order to learn more about himself, his culture and to allow his expertise to be of use to Starfleet.


2364: Born on Shokaal III.

2376: Was cast out by his family on Shoka for denying the Doctrines.

2381: Attended Starfleet Academy.

2384: Chose specialisation in Anthropology. Completed dissertation on Protectorates in Galactic South.

2385: Graduated near the top of his class from Starfleet academy and instantly applied to join crew of USS Somerset as Science Officer.

2388: Was temporarily reassigned to the USS Fox before requesting a transfer to the USS Endeavour as their Contact Specialist & Anthropology expert. He has also been assigned to gather information for the Galactic Anthropology Commission.