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Course of the Endeavour - S1

Created by Captain Benjamin Byrne on Sun Oct 23rd, 2011 @ 10:48pm

Season 1 Summary

Throughout the two years of season 1, the USS Endeavour departed from San Francisco Yards in the Sol system, journeyed through Cestus to the Metron Consortium, over towards Starbase 332 before gradually making their way west.

They Arrive on Tuesday...

After leaving San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth, the Endeavour travelled post-haste towards Cestus III to receive their orders from Vice Admiral Sanchez

Metronian Diplomacy

With Vice Admiral Sanchez onboard, the USS Endeavour headed towards the Metron Consortium for diplomatic talks, before being slung to a far-off Galaxy and back again.

Shoreleave, SB332

Following the conclusion of their mission to the Metrons, the starship headed out for shoreleave and deployment in the vicinity of Starbase 332.

Bug-Eyed Bogies

Following a visit to a diplomatic dinner on a planet just at the edge of Federation influence, the ship was left adrift whilst it dealt with its infestation. It travelled to a nearby Federation outpost under SCE toe for repairs once the problem was dealt with.

Kingdom Come

Travelling to pick up a pair of Federation negotiators en-route, the Endeavour visits the Nevarran Kingdom to facilitate talks on Trade Agreements

Between Missions

After leaving the Nevarran Kingdom, the ship put in at Starbase 218, before setting out on a patrol route designed to take them out near Beta Renner. Aside from providing some mundane assistance to some Federation citizens along the way, the voyage was relatively uneventful.

Old Relics

The Endeavour will patrol the Federation border, re-establishing long-vacant Federation presence there, before deviating to investigate odd power readings detected in neutral space.