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Starfleet Weapons (2370-Present)

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Starfleet Weapons Used Between 2370 and the Present
Type-1 "Cricket" Phaser (2360s-Present)

A type 1 phaser is the smallest, most basic weapon carried by Starfleet and other Federation personnel. Type 1 phasers are typically carried when it would be inappropriate to carry a larger weapon, such as on diplomatic missions, or "undercover" work. -- Memory Alpha
Type-2 Hand Phaser (2368-Present)

By the 2360s, the type 2 phaser had evolved past the pistol-like configuration, becoming a sleek, silver-colored device with a handle flowing into the form of a muzzle cowling and emitter. With two small buttons for beam width and intensity control and a large one to fire the device, the phaser type-2 of this period featured a large, illuminated power level readout. The phaser of this time retained the functionality of the previous designs, but increased the power and versatility. Like their predecessors, these units could be adjusted for use as cutting tools or power sources. They could also be set to overload, becoming a powerful explosive device. -- Memory Alpha
Type-3 Phaser Rifle

A phaser rifle (often referred to as a type-3 phaser) is a rifle variation of the standard phaser used by the Federation. 24th century phaser rifles have sixteen power settings, fully-autonomous recharge capability, multiple-target acquisition, and gyro-stabilization. -- Memory Alpha
Compression Phaser Rifle

Compression phaser rifles are one of the most powerful personnel-carried weapons in the Starfleet arsenal and are an alternative to the type 3 phaser rifle. These powerful weapons are assigned to starships that could possibly see intense close-quarters or surface combat. -- Memory Alpha
Standard Phaser Rifle

More advanced phaser rifles capable of firing pulse bursts as well as the standard beam were used in the 2370s. These rifles had a pistol grip in back and either an "underbarrel grip" or a second vertical grip underneath the barrel (similar to conventional firearms of times past), and were capable of being modified with various types of scope, barrel and power cell. -- Memory Alpha

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