NCC - 86105

Spelling and Grammar

Created by Captain Benjamin Byrne on Sat Sep 1st, 2012 @ 7:48pm

As already mentioned in these rules, quality is of high importance to this sim. As such, it is expected that every player on it adhere to proper spelling and grammar in their posts. This doesn't only mean the correct spelling of words (British English is preferred, but American English will be accepted), but also the proper use of capital letters, punctuation, and proper sentence structures.

After you've written your post, go back and read through it again. It is almost guaranteed that everyone will have missed something - a spelling error or typo that needs correcting, or the accidental use of a capital letter where it doesn't belong. Taking a couple of minutes to read through the post will ensure that it is going to be legible to other readers; I for one can't stand to read something that is a complete mis-match of capitalised words and incorrectly spelt terms. Additionally, if you read through something and don't think it quite sounds right, chances are it won't sound right to another person either; have a go at re-wording the sentence for better understanding and readability.

Many modern browsers now come with the capability to spell-check as you type. Sometimes you may need to install this as an add-on, or in Firefox's case you may need to install the language file for it to check your spelling against. Having this tool will make spell checking your posts so much easier, as your computer will do it for you automatically - how easy is that?

If you have any trouble setting up your web browser for this, or have genuine difficulty with spelling and grammar, speak to the command staff and they will be able to help you.

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