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Created by Captain Benjamin Byrne on Sat Sep 1st, 2012 @ 7:58pm

Time stamps are very important in establishing when in the timeline the specific event or interaction in your post takes place, and as such it is very important to make sure that the timeline field on your missions posts is filled in. Luckily for us, the Nova system provides us with all the fields that must be filled in in a mission post:

Nova displays all active missions for you. All you simply need to do is select one. Important: Make sure that you select the right mission, as there may be more than one running at once.

Perhaps the most important part that must be filled in besides the post itself. The timeline box is where you state when in the continuity of the sim your post takes place in, using the following format:

Day ???, ??? hours
At times there may be additional fields; such as 'Week', or 'Month' required. These would all be on a mission-by-mission basis, and you will be informed as such if they are to be used for that mission. All figures aside from the time of day begin at 1 at the start of the mission.

Example: Day 1, 1649 hours

This is where you type in where the post is located. Sometimes multiple locations are passed through - as such, either the generic 'various' can be used, or preferably, you should list in this field each individual location visited in the post, in the following format:

USS Endeavour (or whatever off-ship assignment you're on at present), (place)

Example: USS Endeavour, Bridge
or USS Endeavour, Bridge & Main Engineering

Whenever a new location is arrived at in a post, you should state as such in squared parenthesis, along with the updated time of day. For example:

[USS Endeavour, Main Engineering, 1659 hours]

Personal Logs

Personal Logs in Nova do not have the same entry fields as mission posts do. Regardless, we still need to know where and when the log was entered. Similar to above, you should include the below format at the beginning of all log entries:

||Mission ???, Day ???, ??? hours
||USS Endeavour (or elsewhere), (place)

||Mission 1 (They Arrive on Tuesday...), Day 4, 2308 hours
||USS Endeavour, Captain's Ready Room

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