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Created by Captain Benjamin Byrne on Mon May 31st, 2010 @ 11:02pm

The Endeavour uses a standard past-tense novel (... "Commander Byrne stood from his chair at the centre of the bridge and called out; "Open fire! Fry those marshmellows!"" ...) posting format. This ensures that our crew members all have a posting method that is easy to follow and depict when reading. Please adhere to the following posting format whenever you post a Mission Entry. Doing so will make things easier for the CO as well as the entire crew.

Time and Location Stamps

When you go to post a mission entry, you will notice the location and timeline fields, below the field for post title, and above that for the mission post itself. Please fill both fields in with where your character is as well as the time and day of the post. If you are onboard the Endeavour, you do not need to put "USS Endeavour" in the location field - however, if you're in another location then please start with that location. Below are some samples:

  • CO's Ready Room
  • Main Bridge
  • Starfleet Headquarters, Admiral's Office
  • 1500 Hours, Day 1
  • 1000 Hours, MD1

If you switch locations in the middle of a post, please use a location stamp to tell the crew you are in a different location. You do not need to put all the locations of the post in the location field, only the starting location. Below are a few examples of mid-post location stamps:

  • == Main Bridge, 0915 Hours == (with or without spaces)
  • [ Observation Lounge, 1200 Hours ] (with or without spaces)
  • { Transporter Room 1, 1830 Hours } (with or without spaces)
  • < Main Engineering > or << Armory, 1100 Hours >> (with spaces only)

You must use spaces if you use the greater than and less than symbols. Writing a location stamp (or tag) without the spaces will make the system think that you're trying to use some form of HTML. If you're going to use those symbols, make sure there are spaces, like this: < Main Engineering >. If you don't use spaces, the post needs to be edited. Players whose posts have to consistently be edited for these things may be in danger of receiving a strike.


Tags are an essential element in the game. When you tag someone during a joint post, use the convention listed above for mid-post location and time changes. You must use spaces between the greater than or less than indicator and the words. Below are several examples of tagging someone:

  • < tag > or << tag all >> (with spaces only)
  • [ tag Byrne ] (with or without spaces)
  • { tag Taylor } (with or without spaces)
  • = tag = (with or without spaces)

Closing Your Posts

When you are closing a post, you should attach a signature to the bottom of it. Although both the email that's sent and the site identify who is making the post, it does not tell the reader what position the poster holds onboard the ship. Below are some examples of post signatures:

Commander Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavour NCC-86105

Sarah Byrne (NPC)
Captain's Wife
USS Endeavour
Played by Commander Byrne

Content of this Database Entry was inspired by the USS Nimitz, OF

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