NCC - 86105


General Items
Main Bridge   Primary operational control of the Sovereign class is provided by the Main Bridge, located at the top of the primary hull. It is located on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations (with the exception of the Flight Bay and assorted craft) and coordinates all departmental activities.

The Main Bridge is an ejectable module, allowing for a wider variety in mission parameters.
Observation Lounge   The observation lounge or conference lounge is a special designation referring to the briefing room on Galaxy and Sovereign-class starships. The room is used as a meeting place for the ship's senior staff as well as special events and gatherings. Some go to the observation lounge simply for the view.

The room is elongated and spans the entire area aft of the bridge on Deck 1. There are a series of seven viewports, composed of transparent aluminum spanning from close to the floor to up along the angled ceiling, which face the rear of the ship.
Captain's Ready Room   Doubling as an office and a second private cabin in addition to the commanding officer's private quarters, the Captain's Ready room is a place where the captain can work or rest while remaining next to the bridge in case of an emergency.
Main Sickbay   The primary of the Sovereign class's two sickbays, Main Sickbay is also the larger of the two, and located on deck 7. Housing the Chief Medical Officer's office, it is also near to the Chief Counsellor's office.
Counselor's Office   Located by default near to the ship's primary sickbay, the chief counselor's office is the primary care for those seeking advice on issues concerning them.
Main Shuttlebay   The primary arrival and departure point for auxiliary craft aboard the Endeavour, the Main Shuttlebay can be a busy place.
Main Engineering   The heart of the ship, Engineering is one of two most important locations onboard.
Secondary Sickbay   The second of the Sovereign class's two sickbays