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Temporal Meddlings

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As the USS Endeavour cruises the Galactic South, sensors detect an odd anomaly a few light-years off their present course. After diverting to investigate, the ship is pulled into some kind of stasis bubble... there is nothing around in any direction, and the ship is unable to move.

Via a downloaded message directly to their ship computer, the crew learn the purpose for this anomaly. It is the remnants of a temporal incursion 'currently' taking place; and unknown group has travelled into the Federation's past to disrupt its future, and the only action the Temporal Investigations Division could take was to embed a warning into the incursion's time stream... with orders to follow the group into the past, and prevent them from destroying the future.

They Arrive on Tuesday...

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The prologue mission for the USS Endeavour, as she sits in stardock awaiting supplies and officers, due to arrive on Tuesday...

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Metronian Diplomacy

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As the Eleventh Fleet is in her birth stages, ships are busy moving around equipment and personnel, and finishing their current assignments or, in most cases even waiting for construction or refit programs to come to an end. During this time of relative administrative turmoil, Pegasus Fleet HQ receives a communique from the government it least expected; the Metron Consortium.

The Metrons weren't specific as to what it was they wanted, but they invited a ship from Starfleet to come into their territory to participate in diplomatic talks. Admiral Sanchez, eager to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, wants to go to the Metrons with best speed - however, the only ships nearby are either small shuttles or scientific surveyors - the nearest ships equipped for a diplomatic mission profile within the region busy on their own assignments to get the new fleet up and running.

Knowing that it had come to the end of its construction phase, Admiral Sanchez contacts the new CO of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class starship perfectly suited to the mission, and with an experienced commander, albeit one without the higher rank of Captain. After ordering the Endeavour to proceed to Cestus III at best speed, the Admiral is forced to wait the three weeks it takes the ship to travel from Earth to the colony on Cestus III, where they are to receive their orders...

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The USS Endeavour is docked at Starbase 332 for shoreleave and taking on new crew.

Part of Season 1

Bug-Eyed Bogies

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As the USS Endeavour departs Starbase 332, the ship's senior staff are invited to a function on the planet of Calvera, near the edge of the Federation's political sphere of influence. As representatives of the Federation, the Starfleet officers don't have much reason to refuse, and so leave the ship to attend the function. Confident in his crew, when a scientific anomaly appears on ship sensors, Captain Byrne instructs the senior officer still onboard to check it out, leaving the senior staff a shuttle to use to return to the ship at the end of the function.

However, when the crew finally do return, they find the Endeavour is not at the rendezvous coordinates, and is actually adrift some fifty thousand Megametres distant, and is unresponsive to hails. With all main power offline and only life support and minimal lighting active, the senior staff must find out what happened, and how to fix it.

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Kingdom Come

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The USS Endeavour, delaying its planned mission towards Starbase 218 with Commodore Varela due to the problems incurred during the invasion of the ship by the as-yet still unidentified bugs, is tasked with the transport, support and security of a diplomatic team heading to Nevarra Prime, the core world of a cluster of star systems, ruled by what appears to be an almost middle ages-style monarchy - without the torture and tyranical aspects, it appears.

Nevarra became known to the Federation two years previously, after a small science vessel discovered the Kingdom and made First contact with the inhabitants. During the last two years, progress has been made to open up regular trade agreements between the Nevarra Cluster and the Federation, paving the way for an official alliance between the two powers.

However, not all is as idyllic as it seems among the Kingdom's fourteen constituent worlds. Though most of the nobility support the King in the progression of negotiations with the Federation, some Teyrns believe that the Nevarra Cluster should stick rigidly to its self-imposed isolationism; it has been near two-hundred years since a Nevarran ship left the Cluster, and some fear that re-opening themselves to the Galaxy-at-large could bring dire consequences.

Part of Nevarran Plot Arc

Old Relics

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Whilst on orders to patrol and explore the edges of Federation Space out near Beta Renner, the USS Endeavour makes a remarkable discovery; a fully intact, if almost derelict, space station of unknown origin. Though in a state of bad repair, the station is operational enough to be salvageable, and Byrne and his crew are given orders to temporarily transfer aboard and bring it up to operational status, whilst a team of Starfleet officers and an expeditionary commander are flown out to them.

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Deep Space 19

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After the Captain's orders to transfer his command temporarily to the newly-designated Deep Space 19, the crew must learn to come to terms with the new alien station they've been ordered to make operational whilst they await their replacements. But surely there are to be a few surprises for them inside?

Part of Deep Space 19 Plot Arc


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As the crew of Deep Space 19 settle in to life aboard the station, and the new agreement with the Tholian representatives, they must battle with their will to explore, hunger for knowledge and natural instincts to protect what they find for the Federation, and the new sharing deal brokered with the Tholians.

Meanwhile, all is not going well for the engineering teams working to learn every inch of the station's systems.

Part of Deep Space 19 Plot Arc

Klingons on the Starboard Bow

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As the USS Endeavour returns home to Cestus III, Starfleet tasks them with travelling into the contested space between the Klingon and Gorn empires, to try and prevent more conflicts erupting during the two species' Cold War.

Part of Season 2

Remnant Part 1

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As the Endeavour and her crew return to the Klingon border to continue their patrol, they discover the remnant of an old and most dangerous foe... and face the risk of losing themselves in their might!

Part of Season 2

Remnant Part 2

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With Captain Byrne and Lieutenant Kessel assimilated by the Borg, and the plan to destroy the stolen Open Core technology unsuccessful, the crew of the Endeavour must try to fight past their emotions and complete the task set out for them by their Captain. Can they accomplish it? Will they be able to retrieve the captain and Lieutenant Kessel from the Collective?

Part of Season 2

Character Background

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A catch-all 'mission' for any and all posts relating to a character's background story before joining the USS Endeavour. Please use dates and/or Stardates in your timelines as much as possible.