NCC - 86105

Season 2

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Included Missions

Klingons on the Starboard Bow

Post Count: 105

As the USS Endeavour returns home to Cestus III, Starfleet tasks them with travelling into the contested space between the Klingon and Gorn empires, to try and prevent more conflicts erupting during the two species' Cold War.

Remnant Part 1

Post Count: 59

As the Endeavour and her crew return to the Klingon border to continue their patrol, they discover the remnant of an old and most dangerous foe... and face the risk of losing themselves in their might!

Remnant Part 2

Post Count: 29

With Captain Byrne and Lieutenant Kessel assimilated by the Borg, and the plan to destroy the stolen Open Core technology unsuccessful, the crew of the Endeavour must try to fight past their emotions and complete the task set out for them by their Captain. Can they accomplish it? Will they be able to retrieve the captain and Lieutenant Kessel from the Collective?

Included Mission Groups

Deep Space 19 Plot Arc

Missions: 2
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