NCC - 86105

Tour - Main Shuttlebay

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The primary arrival and departure point for auxiliary craft aboard the Endeavour, the Main Shuttlebay can be a busy place.

Additional Information

Location Decks 6-9 (Primarily Deck 7)
Description Located at the dorsal stern of the primary hull, the Main Shuttlebay takes up a significant portion of the aft section of Decks Six through Nine on the Sovereign class. Due to the mission profile of the Sovereign class, the shuttlebay extends larger than normal for a vessel its size to accommodate runabouts and ships smaller than Courier-grade that may be the primary mode of transport by entities the vessel’s crew encounter. The Main Shuttlebay is managed by a team of Helmsmen/Pilots, Engineers and Technicians, and Operations personnel that are based on the Flight Operations office under the supervision of the Flight Control Officer.