NCC - 86105
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First Officer's Log - MD04, 2146

Posted on Fri Oct 9th, 2009 @ 7:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson

Begin Log:

This is my first entry as executive officer of the USS Endeavour under the command of Commander Benjamin Byrne. While I may not be new to the merits and responsibilities of the position of first officer, I find my assignment to the Endeavour to be a new opportunity for myself.

Certainly the most obvious difference is that the Endeavour, as one of Starfleet's newest Sovereign-class starships, is much larger than the Houston was. I have no doubt that being aboard will put me into different situations than those we encountered aboard the Houston. For one thing, the Sovereign design is more versatile than the Intrepid. I am certain we will see more diplomatic functions as well as frontier exploration.

As much as I hate to admit it, combat could also be a constant occurrence, considering our neighbors in the region. I've done some research and the patrol zone of the 11th Fleet lies right between four stellar entities: the Klingons, the Gorn, the Tholians, and the Meterons. Not to mention the presence of Nausicaans and Orions. Things might get a little hairy at times. All we can do, I suppose, is to be prepared for anything.

Being aboard the Endeavour also holds opportunity for James (NPC). He has excelled at his studies aboard the Houston and I was surprised to learn that he drafted his own proposal for Commander Byrne. It was extremely well thought and phrased. I always knew James was an articulate young man, but this is some of the best work I have ever seen. His proposal seemed to impress the commander well enough. It sounds like his desire for practical studies aboard the Endeavour may become a reality.

Which leads me to he really as apathetic about his future as he seems? I've taught him to keep an open mind and to consider all the possibilities, but I know he's been spending a lot of time talking to Simon (NPC). Neither of them ever say what they talk about, and I suppose I shouldn't worry about it. Young men are entitled to their privacy. I know I enjoyed it when I was his age.

On our trip over from the Houston, I was pleased to see that he has been getting something out of those piloting lessons he insisted on taking. Even more evidence that practical studies would suit him well. When I handed over the controls of the shuttle, he seemed nervous. What young pilot wouldn't be? I recall my first actual flight outside the simulator. It was an old 15A shuttlepod. The instructor was a Vulcan, of all things. The woman had absolutely no humor. I can remember that I was a total nervous wreck as we took off and started for the flight range near Saturn.

James did well for his first time. It wasn't until we were buzzed by a workerbee that I figured I should relieve the nervous tension. To be honest, that bee was a bit close. If he keeps up this pace, though, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd be flying this ship someday.

Tomorrow, James and I will be getting a tour of the Cetacean Institute, courteousy of Simon. It has been a while since I've seen some of the specimens they have there and I think James is looking forward to seeing a whale for the first time. Until then, I think we're going to spend some "quality time" unpacking. Maybe I can convince him to find a nice restaurant somewhere to go to instead of eating in tonight. It isn't everyday one gets to visit Earth.



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