NCC - 86105
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Chief Flight Control Officers Log-Stardate 65843.1

Posted on Mon May 16th, 2011 @ 6:58am by Lieutenant JG Mykel Owen

Mykel sitting at his desk, shuts off his datapad, and sets it down. "Well I have personally checked, and rechecked every shuttle on this ship. After getting them all back onboard, once those damn bugs jettisoned them. I am finally comfortable issuing them out again. I was talking to one of the Vulcan pilots earlier. By Vulcan culture, your 'honor' is based on your family name. By their standards, I would be without honor. Ive not spent much time wondering about my parents, or any possible family. But after the situation with the bugs, Ive seen most of the crew talking with thier families. Ive always done my job well, and without any family. But now I realize, while people are talking to their loved ones, I am sitting alone in my room, talking to a pause log"

Mykel shakes his head, and reaches under his desk, for one of the only personal Items he has, and sets the bottle of whiskey onto his desk. Before standing and walking to the replicator. "Glass of Cola, with ice, chilled." Watching the glass appear, he takes it and walks back to the desk, pouring in a generous amount of the whiskey, then turns and walks to his small couch, and sits, kicking his feet up.

"Computer resume Log......In the Marines, it never mattered where you came from, you were a grunt with a gun, and thats all anyone cared about. Now I am personally responsible for all the pilots on this ship, and I'm half some of their age. All because I had to show off so damn much every time I get into a cockpit. But it was the first time, anyone really seemed to notice me...and now I just wish I was invisible again. What happens when the Captain realizes that his CFCO is a street rat?What have I gotten myself into?" Taking a large swig, Mykel rubs his face, and leans back on the couch, staring at the celing..."End Log"


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