NCC - 86105

Captain's Log, Stardate 66990.4

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2013 @ 12:46pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne
Edited on Sat Jun 1st, 2013 @ 5:27pm

||Mission 9 (Remnant, Part I), Day 1
||USS Endeavour, Captain's Quarters

Captain's log, Stardate 66990.4.

The Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS has presented our sensor readings of T'Marl's base and our knowledge of what she was doing there to the Klingon High Council. They haven't promised much, but there isn't much more that I can to do influence them. I get the feeling that their tensions with the Gorn aren't likely to cease any time soon, but at the very least, they won't have rogue houses working towards T'Marl's aims anymore, and the Klingons will be wary of instigating a full war with the Gorn for fear of an attack on their borders elsewhere.

Starfleet have decided that in order to prevent any further outside influence in the region they will be sending in two more starships to assist the Endeavour, Catalunya and the Jesop; the starships Scimitar and Valour. We are due to rendezvous with the Scimitar after we leave Klingon space to take aboard new personnel before we continue on our patrol of the Klingon border. We will also take that time to properly honour our dead.