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Verbal Sparring

Posted on Sun Sep 4th, 2011 @ 6:15pm by King Aengus Tasgall II [NPC] & Teyrn Gundhram Drust [NPC]

Mission: Kingdom Come
Location: Government Halls, Nevarra
Timeline: MD10 0715hrs

"You gave them permission to enter our archives?!"

Teyrn Drust's voice was even more irritating than usual at this time early in the Nevarran morning. He'd become exceedingly more verbal and obtuse over the past 2 years since contact with the Federation science ship, and was one of the most stubborn believers that the Nevarrans should stick to their isolation. Needless to say, King Aengus Tasgall disagreed with him.

"Yes, I did," the monarch replied, keeping his voice level, despite the hour.

"Do you have any idea how sensitive some of the data down there may be? They'll be able to look through our entire recorded history! Everything that we have done in the last two hundred years, laid out in explicit detail for them to pick apart as they choose!"

"Are you implying that we have something to hide from our new friends, Teyrn Drust?" It was clear that his tone was already beginning the vex the lesser noble.

"Ah-da-.. no! But we but we shouldn't be giving them free access to all of our archives straight off of the bat!"

"And why not?" Now the King stopped and faced the man who had been strolling along the halls next to him. The Nevarran Government Palace was an ornate building, and the corridors hadn't been spared the treatment that its rooms had received. Large, white marble stones were its base material, with curved arches at perfect intervals running down its length, held up by carved pillars. Above every doorway was an ornate pattern engraving in the stone, and the windows along the eastern wall of this particular hallway were large - almost floor-to-ceiling - composed of many square panes of glass fitted together, to give an impressive view out over the scenery outside. "The Federation has already allowed us the privilege of perusing their own historical archives freely. They do not appear to be hiding anything from us, so why should we not return the favour? It is a cultural exchange, Gundhram. You of all people should appreciate the value of our culture. It is after all the pinning point of every one of your arguments these past two denari."

"Yes, I value our culture, and that is why we should keep the Federation out of our archives, and why we should send them back to where they came from! It is something that should be protected, not squandered out amongst the Galaxy!"

"And what value would our culture hold if we allow it to stagnate any longer than it already has? Who would experience the value of our culture, if we keep it all to ourselves?"

"We will! You must not allow the Federation officers into our Archives!"

A deathly silence followed, during which the King's expression was enough to keep the Teyrn from digging a deeper hole for himself than he had just done. Shaped charges couldn't have done much of a better job than his last sentence had.

"You will do well to remember who is the ruler around here, Teyrn Drust, and who is the ruler only of land I grant your family. I can take away your power just as easily." The King spoke slowly now, emphasising every word. "The Federation officers will have full access to our archives, and there will be no more to say about it. Now keep your tongue and go find something useful for yourself to do." With his verbal reprimand said, the King spun on his heel, and strode purposely for the end of the corridor, and his private offices inside.

King Aengus Tasgall II
Ruler of Nevarra


Teyrn Gundhram Drust
Teyrn of Barrifind

Played by Capt Byrne


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