NCC - 86105
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Shuttle Approach

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2013 @ 2:13pm by Lieutenant Horatio Hawke & Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Edited on on Sat Jun 1st, 2013 @ 2:26pm

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Main Bridge [Deck 1]
Timeline: MD01 - 1800hrs.


The constant beeping of shuttlecraft Senna's sensors were beginning to bug McIntyre's happiness. He was on hour thirteen of the final leg of his journey and was beginning to lose his sunny demeanour being alone in a tin can with only the incessant babbling of the computer for company.

"Engineering diagnostic complete." Chirruped the computer like an impatient child. "Deflector is point zero five microns out of alignment. Please acknowledge adjustment."

McIntyre hoped his exasperated sigh would serve as an acknowledgment of the adjustment.

"Please acknowledge adjustment."

"Acknowledged." McIntyre muttered, admitting defeat. "Estimated arrival time at USS Endeavour?"

"Estimated arrival at USS Endeavour in forty three minutes." The computer reported in a monotone.

McIntyre's eyes fell on the sensors as an alloy return appeared on the long-range screen. The Endeavour, he surmised. He watched patiently as the shuttlecraft began to approach the circle on the sensor screen which denoted the short communications range of the shuttle.

The moment it crossed the line, he opened a communications channel. "This is the Federation Shuttlecraft Senna calling the USS Endeavour."

It had been a long shift on the bridge for Horatio. In fact, it been two long shifts back to back. He completed his first shift at the helm, but had to back it up with a stint as Officer of the Watch. He wasn't complaining, though. He loved it when he drew an OOW shift and got to sit in the big chair - it allowed him to indulge that part of him that aspired to command of his own.

To some officers, it meant the potential for many hours of boredom, waiting for something to happen. Horatio wasn't one to wait around for something to happen. It was only about half way through Beta Shift and he had already run two whole-of-bridge simulations, made the Flight Control Officer exercise on emergency course corrections, had the Tactical Officer run phaser firing time simulations and ran the science officer through three sensor suite diagnostics. He was pretty sure they hated him.

When the hail from the Senna came in, Horatio had only just sat back down in the command chair after questioning one of the science staff about the latest sensor report. He quickly tapped at the little console at the end of the chair's arm and answered the hail, before the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer could do it.

"Endeavour here," he said, ignoring the glare he was getting from tactical. "Go ahead Senna."

"Endeavour, I am seeking permission to dock with you to disembark a fresh transfer to your manifest. Estimated short sensor range within forty minutes." McIntyre reported, increasing the shuttle's velocity to slightly beyond its recommended cruising speed.

"Stand by, Senna," Horatio said before muting the comm channel. Of course, he knew about the rendezvous with the Senna and he knew who was coming aboard; he read his pre-shift briefing. But still, this was a chance to test some of the bridge crew. "Ops, do we have a scheduled rendezvous to receive a transfer on the forward plan?"

The ensign seated at Ops - Horatio couldn't remember her name - tapped her console and reported back a moment later, "Yes, sir," she said, speaking as she read. "The Senna is due at 20:15 hours to transfer aboard our new security chief."

"Excellent," Horatio said before quickly adding in a harsher tone, "but you should not have had to read that from the plan. You should be aware of every scheduled activity during the shift before it happens. Make sure you are very familiar with the shift plan well in advance, understood?"

The ensign - dammit, what was her name? - nodded nervously and said, "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

Horatio felt a pang of pity for the ensign, but it soon passed. He tapped his console, un-muting the comm. "Senna you are cleared to approach on standard vector. When you're in range, shuttle control will guide you in the rest of the way. Welcome to the Endeavour, Mister McIntyre."

McIntyre's cheery tone returned to the comm. "Thank you, Endeavour. I'll be seeing you soon. Senna out."


Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
Chief Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief Security & Tactical Officer
USS Endeavour


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