NCC - 86105

Search & Retrieve

Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2014 @ 2:17pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne

Mission: Remnant Part 2
Location: USS Endeavour - Unknown spatial coordinates

The lights on the bridge flickered weakly. Even the emergency lighting was failing, leaving most of the bridge to be lit by the failing glow of those consoles still active.

Captain Byrne squeezed his eyelids together to try and dispel some of the disorientation he felt as he tried to push himself up off the dirty, grimy floor next to the helm console. The chair for that console had toppled with him, and lay in the debris of consoles and bulkheads next to him. It was only as he looked around and caught a glimpse of his own body that he remembered that he had only recently been a Borg drone.

The crew had started the process to return him to his former self as soon as they had brought him aboard from the Borg Cube, and had done so much as to remove the bulkier attachments to his body and return his mind to him. There was no time to do any more than that however, which meant that in place of his uniform was the black jumpsuit worn by all Borg drones under their rubber and metal carapiece-like armour. The reminder brought back the sensations of the Borg technology biting in to his body, and he tried to shake the sensation from his head as he pulled himself across the deck of the bridge towards his command chair, which was remarkably still standing.

As he pulled himself up into the leather seat, he tried to remember the last few minutes. He remembered ordering the crew to evacuate in the shuttles, and then a count-down to an explosion... he was able to jump the ship to warp just before the count-down reached zero, but he had no idea if the crew had been able to detect the warp jump to come and find him. For all he knew, they might think he was dead... and the ship along with him.

As his thoughts turned more and more grim, he head the tell-tale sound of a transporter system, and for a brief moment his hopes soared. But the sound was off, and the bridge was lit by green light, rather than blue. When he looked up to see who had beamed in with her trio of protectors, his thoughts once again plummeted.

"Oh, shit."

He didn't get to say much more before T'Marl's disruptor hit him, set on stun.

"Oh, Benjamin," the Romulan woman sighed, strolling over towards the limp figure in his chair and casually leaning on it. "You are one stubborn man, I'll give you that."

Turning to her protectors, she said; "Have the surgeon remove as many of the Borg implants as they can, and then have him put into stasis. And get a pilot over here; we need to hide this ship somewhere before someone comes looking for it."

Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavour