NCC - 86105
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What am I supposed to do?

Posted on Mon May 30th, 2011 @ 10:01am by Lieutenant JG Dylan Tyler

Timeline: Before Dylan's Promotion (had actually planned out this log for awhile but hadn't posted it yet.)

Dylan came into his quarters with a white knuckled fist. He unbuttoned his shirt and collapsed on the couch in his quarters.

"Computer, begin log," Computer gives an acknowledging beep, "this will make three days in a row that Lieutenant Vanders has failed to report to her duty shift on time. This will make the fifth attempt of trying to reach her and speak to her about the security precautions that the captain had requested be prepared before we reach the Nevarran Cluster, and the last straw as far as I am concerned. I am starting to believe that there is some kind of conspiracy against me to put me with inept or incapable department heads for the sole purpose of me losing my mind.

"I have tried to hold my tongue around the captain and my other superiors, but it seems completely asonine to continue to work in a department where I as the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer can't even get a hold of his damn superior officer. It's down right frustrating as HELL! ... Computer?" Beep "Remove last sentence from log and pause recording.

Dylan did indeed feel that he was getting worked up over this matter. If the situation was not brought to the captain's attention soon, something could occur that could put the ship in jeopardy. Or possibly even Dylan's career.

"Computer, resume log," Beep "I have decided that I will be speaking to the first officer, Commander Ballard as soon as he is available. Though he is new to the position, I certainly don't want to jump any more superiors than is absolutely necessary. I feel my original decision to try and let things work out on their own has turned into negligence on my part. I suppose the Commander may be inclined to put me on report for failing to speak to him sooner about this matter, and I will accept it. Computer, end log."


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