NCC - 86105
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Captain's Log Stardate 65815.3

Posted on Sun Aug 5th, 2012 @ 11:25pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne

The away team and I have returned to the station almost as if we had travelled back in time; much of the power was still out from the troubles Commander Andorzai informed me about with the station's security protocols, and the crew is still working on removing any such similar programs which could cause issues like that in the future. Thankfully I've managed to dodge a meeting with the Tholian representative regarding their lost ship, though I do feel for their loss.

The away team and I didn't fare much better; the facility we entered was sealed because it was infected with an airbourne virus; I don't know all of the medical terms, but it has a pretty bad effect on the body, and Commander Rackham is still confined to the station's infirmary to recover. Thankfully, I've been released for most of my days, and was able to receive the communique from Starfleet this morning.

They're finally sending a new commander for DS19 - Joseph Archbald, a man who I know has had dealings with the Tholians in the past, and has a reputation who precedes him - at least in my books. He'll be arriving shortly, and I should have just enough chance to be back on my feet fully to hand over command to him before departing with the Endeavour.

Unfortunately, when I do depart, I'll be leaving a number of my crew behind - Commanders Andorzai, th'Ralik and Rackham are all staying behind to form part of the station's staff, as are Lieutenants Rubens, Keldan and Madrat.

Starfleet has ordered us to set a course for Cestus III once Captain Archbald arrives; an order I will be happy to carry out. Hopefully we can get back to normal at last.


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