NCC - 86105
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Engineers Personal Stardate: 65779.4

Posted on Thu Apr 19th, 2012 @ 8:46am by Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel

"Apparently as Energy/Matter specialist I am allowed to make a Log... I do wonder whoe's ever going to read them though...

Life onboard the station is... interesting... The Tholian presence was unanticipated - I believe it will hinder opperations considerably. Its always been protocal on a ships engineering deck tha tyou can get around easily - but now we have to done thermosuits or go around for what feels like miles to access parts the station. I hate to think what the heat is doing to some of the electrics I can't access.

Which reminds me...

The Tholians are edgy - We've picked up trace amounts of Thermonuclear energy which lead us to picking up a signiture I have not seen before. The tholians are convinced that its a Weapon of somekind and keep preasureing the engineers to tell them what it is - and we don't know. On top of that, we can locate the source. The Tholians badgering was alright when it only affected Chief Engineer Aeitos th'Ralik, but now its escalateing. I had one wake me up with a comunications last night, for the third time in a row.

Surley they know I need sleep?

The atmosphere is getting tense. Its not that I don't like the Tholians, but what am I supposed to do? They keep clamouring for more infomation. I don't know what it will mean if we do uncover some weapons tech. It must be covered in the treaty, I shall have to ask the captain at some point..."


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