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Letter to a friend

Posted on Thu Aug 9th, 2012 @ 5:23pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise

Dear Eva,

After all the problems we had at Deep Space 19, I now finally have some good news. As of today I am now Petty Officer Second Class! I try to keep telling myself that it isn't such a big thing, but secretly I am a little proud. We all had to work very hard on the space station and I guess it helps when you feel rewarded for you work.

We're now en route to the Klingon border. The situation with the Gorn has become more hostile, so we'll have to check it out and make sure that the situation doesn't explode. I'm trying to find the time to take some more Klingon lessons and work on my vocabulary, but it's such a hard language to learn. I know that the universal translators can translate everything just fine, but you can never know what good might come of it.

I guess I like their culture and mythology as well. It resembles some of the old Earth mythologies, but it never became as big as it is with the Klingons.

I don't know that much about the Gorn really. I looked up some Starfleet documents on them, but I can't find a lot about their culture. They seem dangerous, violent, but in a different way than the Klingons. I realize very well how dangerous the situation could become, but I hope that our presence there will keep things peacefully.

I'll keep you posted and I'd love to hear how things are on Earth.

With love,



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