NCC - 86105
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Captain's Log Stardate 63388.8

Posted on Wed Oct 13th, 2010 @ 1:11pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne

The Endeavour's command crew has been invited to the surface of Aldezza III on a peacekeeping mission for the Federation. Essentially the assignment will be an extension of our recent shoreleave on Starbase 332, as the Aldezzans are already part of the Federation circle, and have expressed no discontent with our arrangement with them. Essentially all we'll be doing is letting the population know that we haven't just brought them into the Federation then left them to fend for their own. The system is right on the edge of unexplored space, so I suppose we're also acting as a visible deterrent to any unknown groups out there who may feel the desire to attack a remote Federation world.

I'll be leaving our new security chief, Lieutenant Vanders in charge of the ship while we're on the surface - she's managed to whip the security crews into decent shape in a fairly short space of time, and she would be the best equipped for dealing with most troubles should they arise in orbit that would be impractical for me to talk an officer through from down on the surface. She's not had much command experience beyond security teams, but we should only be gone for a few days - a week at most.

The ship's computers tell me that Aldezza III's climate is tropical for most of the year - they only have about a week's rainfall once every six months. Looks like we'll be packing our warm weather gear for the trip.


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