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I'll Be Seeing You...

Posted on Thu Mar 8th, 2012 @ 6:23pm by Ensign Jack Lynch

Mission: Character Background
Location: Starbase 519, Ensign Hall's Quarters
Timeline: 2388, Two Weeks Prior to M6 MD18.

"To Jack Lynch, Chief Helmsman of the Endeavour," Mitch announced, raising his glass in a toast before taking a sip, "And may he eventually come back." Jack turned bright red, "Thanks Mitch," he said, "You certainly know how to embarrass me." Mitch laughed as he put his arm around Jack, "You're welcome," he said.

Carolyne started to clap, "Way to go Jack," she said slapping him on the back. Jack laughed, "Come on guys, now you're really embarrassing me," he said. "Embarrassed," Carolyne said, "I've never known you to be embarrassed Jack." Mitch laughed, "Well aunt Carolyne, you just don't know him as well as I do," he said.

"Neither do I apparently," Tevin said as he walked up and kissed Jack on the cheek. "Well, I've never been embarrassed by that," Jack admitted. Mitch rolled his eyes, "Tell me about it," he said. "Well come on," Amber said, "This is suppose to be a party."

"Fine," Jack said with a smile as he sat down on the couch. He wasn't sure why he agreed to this. He loved parties, but there was something about going away parties that he didn't like since he hated goodbyes. "Ugh," Jack sighed, "I was hoping to avoid saying goodbye..." Mitch smiled as he sat down on the loveseat, "Which I why I made sure to throw a goodbye party," he said.

"Well, it won't be a goodbye," Amber said with a smile, "Since we're getting married." She showed off the ring to them. Jack laughed, "Yeah, Mitch already told me," he said, "He hasn't shut up about this wedding." Carolyne laughed, "Maybe we could save cash and do one together," she said. Mitch smiled, "Well maybe, just know one thing, Jack'll be back," he said, looking at Jack, "Since you're going to be my best man." Jack smiled, "Figured as much," he said, putting his arm around Tevin.

"Well, who else would it have been?" Mitch asked. Jack nodded, "True," he said, "But one thing I've learned with you is to never assume anything." Mitch smiled, "Yeah, it's more fun this way," he said standing up, "Now I know I promised I wouldn't do this, but I can't resist." He looked around, "I'd like to dedicate a song to my best friend, and comrade in arms," he said. Jack wagged his finger, "Oh no you don't," he said.

Mitch tapped his combadge as the music started to play, "I'll be seeing you; In all the old, familiar places;
That this heart of mine embraces; All day through," he began to sing. "Such a ham, isn't he?" Jack said shaking his head.

"In that small cafe; The park across the way; The children's carousel; The chestnut tree; The wishing well," Mitch continued. "Well, at least he can sing," Amber said with a laugh.

"I'll be seeing you; In every lovely, summer's day; And everything that's bright and gay," Mitch pointed at Jack. "Well, that was a bit below the belt," Jack said with a smile.

"I'll always think of you that way; I'll find you in the morning sun; And when the night is new," Mitch sang with a smile on his face, "I'll be looking at the moon... But I'll be seeing you."

Carolyne began to clap, and so did the everyone else in the room, even Jack. "Ugh, you and your Sinatra," Jack said, "I could never stand it back in the Academy, and I still can't stand it now," he smiled. Mitch sat back down on the couch, "Well, I meant every word of it. I certainly see you in every thing light and gay, and I mean both definitions of the word," he said.

Jack blushed, "Well, I guess I can't argue with that one," he said, as he took Mitch's hand, "I just want to let you know Mitch, that you've been the greatest friend that anyone could ever have, and that's the God's honest truth," he stared into Mitch's eyes. Mitch smiled, "And Jack, you've also been the greatest friend that any messed up Sinatra-wannabee engineer could ever have. Well, take care and I hope you'll have as much fun on the Endeavour as you had here. It's certainly been fun, but all things must come to end I guess."

Jack nodded, "Mitch, don't think of it as an end but as a new beginning. Just because we won't see each other everyday doesn't make our friendship any less," he said. Mitch nodded, "I know, but I'm gonna miss you," he said. "So am I," Jack said, "So am I..."

----This has been a posting by the following officer----
Ensign Jack Lynch
Chief Flight Control Officer

Captain Carolyne Hall
Commanding Officer
Starbase 519

Ensign Mitchell Hall (PNPC)
Engineering Officer
Starbase 519

Ensign Amber Elise (PNPC)
Science Officer

Tevin ch'Shetsch (PNPC)
Starbase 519


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