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Character Background

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Status Completed Mission
Description A catch-all 'mission' for any and all posts relating to a character's background story before joining the USS Endeavour. Please use dates and/or Stardates in your timelines as much as possible.
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am
End Date Sat Jan 18th, 2014 @ 2:20pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
The Adventure of the Reigate Squire [Part Two]
by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
The Adventure of the Reigate Squire [Part One]
by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
Hub Heist
by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Transit Hub Changeover Point - Federation Outpost
March of Time
by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Faculty Office Space [Starbase 332]
I'll Be Seeing You...
by Ensign Jack Lynch
2388, Two Weeks Prior to M6 MD18. Starbase 519, Ensign Hall's Quarters
The Silence of Iota Arietis VI
by Commander Jaeih Andorzai
Summer, 2378 Chaltok IV - Romulan Treatment Facility
"Doubts and Dilemmas"
by Lieutenant Commander Linom Dekur
USS Endeavour/Bridge
A New Frontier
by Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel
Stardate 2385 - Final Year at Starfleet Academy Starfleet Academy
Just Another Day in the Office
by Captain Benjamin Byrne
2373 - 3 Months after gaining command USS Hendrix
The Drop
by Lieutenant Lianna Vanders
Ten Years Ago, Day One IKC Goras, Betazed System
Duraciss VI
by Provisional Lieutenant Commander Narayn Ballard
Stardate: 42130.85 Federation Terraforming Settlement - Duraciss VI
Bringing Her Home..
by Lieutenant JG David Solomon
Late 2384 Bridge ~Deck 1, USS Victory
Never Give Up
by Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson
Late 2375 Emergency Medical Unit 1, Earth
Shattered Peace
by Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson
Late 2375 Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco, Earth

Mission Summary

If you are writing a post for the Character Background 'mission' category, please make sure that you fill in the timeline field properly. Accepted format examples are:

25th August, 2356
Stardate 34254.88 (Y2356)
30 years ago

All posts must have some indication of how long ago they took place. This is imperative, so as not to confuse people when making your posts - otherwise, they might think that you're posting a current occurrence.

Also, make sure to select the 'Character Background' mission from the drop down menu, above the post fields, otherwise the post will go into the current primary mission, and confuse everyone even more.