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The Trouble With Tricordrazine [Part 1]

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2013 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Rose Cooper & Lieutenant JG Olivier Thiffault
Edited on on Fri Jun 7th, 2013 @ 8:05pm

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Primary Sickbay [Deck 7]


McIntyre had reached the fork in the road with the PADDs which were piled high on his desk. He could either delegate some of the smaller issues to his direct subordinates or he could use the PADDs to furnish rudimentary battlements and refuse to come out of his office. He was roused from absent-mindedly building a defensive wall by his assistant, Lieutenant (JG) Olivier Thiffault.

"Have you seen this, Ciaran?" Thiffault wasn't one for standing on ceremony and without knocking had come in and draped himself across McIntyre's couch.

"I've seen every kind of PADD known in the galaxy." The Lieutenant retorted. "There are auctioneers in the Ritorian Confederacy that call me the PADD man."

Thiffault's eyes appeared over his own PADD and took note of the circumstances in which his boss found himself. "You could have the Ensigns take a look at those, you know. Surprisingly enough they're actually quite competent and you have them sitting around out there window dressing."

McIntyre glowered across at the two young Ensigns who had been assigned to the Endeavour with him. 'Fresh-faced and chipper' would be the only words on their first crew evaluation. "We'll see. What have you got there anyway?"

"I've compiled an inventory of medical equipment- or lack thereof aboard ship. You're right; there's quite a few items unaccounted for."

The Chief of Security knew fine that the chances of these spirited away by some ne'er-do-well were slim but there was a burgeoning narcotics trade among lower ranking Federation crewmembers and he would be damned if things were going to get pilfered on his watch. "What do you reckon? Light fingered medical technicians or crisis-based failings in ship-board bureaucracy?"

"It's little things really. A few hyposprays here and there and some stimulants like Melinine. Hang on: this is interesting," Thiffault lowered the PADD and fixed Lieutenant McIntyre with an intense look, "they're missing two cases of Tricordrazine."

"Tricordrazine?!" McIntyre exlaimed. "Nope. Never heard of it."

Thiffault shook his head dismissively. "It's a stimulant which is derived from Cordrazine..."

"Hence the name."

"Hence the name, indeed. It's an especially potent form and I've heard the odd rumour about it being used in contraband but it's an incredibly dangerous recreation."

"As is most drug use unless it's prescribed by your friendly neighbourhood Practioner." McIntyre offered unhelpfully.

"Granted but when you consider that twenty-five cee-cee of Tricordrazine is enough to pop a Klingon's clogs, you begin to see the concern." Thiffault's voice was beginning to show signs of genuine worry.

McIntyre tried to reassure his friend with a smirk but the grimace which remained staunchly on Thiffault's face told him this might be a more difficult task than he'd thought. "I think it's about time we paid our visit to sickbay then, don't you?"

Thiffault tapped his commbadge while keeping his eyes transfixed on McIntyre. "Lieutenant Thiffault to Sickbay," he was playing up his French accent. He always did when he had to make unsolicited calls on the comm system, "we are looking for a moment of the Chief Medical Officer's time. Is she available?"

"Cooper here, what can I do for you?" The Doctor's voice sounded over the comm. Whatever it was, it didn't sound like a medical emergency. The name of the officer also didn't sound familiar, but that didn't mean anything on ships like this.

"Doctor Cooper," Thiffault replied, intimating his surprise that the Chief Medical Officer herself had answered the call, "Lieutenant McIntyre was wondering if he could have a moment of your time if you're not busy?"

McIntyre shot a sideways glance at Thiffault over the report PADD. He was always signing him up for things that he- as the assistant- should have been taking responsibility for.

"Erm.. I need to finish this first, but how about we meet in my office in half an hour?" Rose was used to people wanting to talk to her. Some medical issues were rather private, but it was rather strange to have colleagues requesting appointments for each other. "Can you tell me what this about?"

"I believe the Lieutenant would rather discuss it in private, Doctor." Thiffault replied, trying to stifle his laughter as McIntyre fumed quietly behind his desk.

"I will see him in thirty minutes then," Rose said, deciding not to press the issue. She would find out what is was later.


Doctor Rose Cooper
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief of Security

Lieutenant (JG) Olivier Thiffault (Played by Lt. McIntyre)
Assistant Chief of Security


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