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Vying for a Transfer

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2013 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant JG Zam Stott [Byrne] & Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: USS Endeavour - Chief of Security's Office

As the Bolian stood outside the door to the office of the new chief of security, he paused for a few moments, re-running his plan in his head. He had been aboard the Endeavour for nearly four years now, and in that time he had been passed over for promotion to the chief operations position numerous times, usually by officers who joined the ship after him, and he had even had to put up with an enlisted man getting a field promotion to officer and becoming his superior as the ship's first officer. Clearly Operations wasn't going to provide any further advancement for him aboard this ship, but maybe if he could make himself known as a security officer, another posting might request he transfer with a promotion. Or, considering the rate at which this ship seemed to go through security chiefs - either through transfer or death - maybe the captain will finally give him a senior staff position if they lost their new chief.

His course decided, he reached up and pressed his blue finger against the 'CALL' key next to the lieutenant's door.

McIntyre wasn't expecting anyone and the faint whiff of coffee which crossed his desk towards his nostrils only served to make the chirrup of the door chime even more irritating.

Keeping on top of the drills had been exhausting. He had been used to running them aboard the Buchanan but getting the crew of the Endeavour up to his exacting standards and having made some less than modest promises to Commander Ra-Xialii, he had ended up working round the clock to keep on top of things.

"Come in." He muttered with a resigned sigh.

As the crimson doors parted, Stott stepped in and made his best effort to look as dutifull as possible - emulating in some ways the way he used to stand in front of Captain Ramirez's desk back at the Academy. "Sir. Lieutenant Stott, from operations. I was wondering if I could make a request of you, sir?"

"You say 'sir' one helluva lot, Lieutenant." McIntyre took a long swig from his mug and pulled his feet down off the desk. He'd heard rumours that Lieutenant (JG) Stott was unhappy with his lot aboard the Endeavour and was instantly set on edge by the suggestion of a request. "Take a seat."

"I'd like to request a transfer to security. I believe that my skillset could be quite valuable as a security officer, and my intricate knowledge of this ship is sure to be an asset," the Bolian explained, still standing at attention.

McIntyre spoke the next four words incredibly slowly so that he wasn't misunderstood, "Take. a. seat. Lieutenant." He watched the Bolian as he dropped himself into a chair. There was nothing to mark him out from any other Bolian, besides his frame which was slightly stockier than average. That wasn't necessarily a drawback for a security officer but it was far from the Lieutenant's primary concern.

"Why do you want to be transferred to security?"

"I believe that I could do more good for myself and for the ship as a member of security," Stott answered, fighting the urge to put another 'sir' at the end of the sentence. It had been a long time since he'd stuck to protocol so strictly during a meeting, but it was hard to keep his old cadet habits from resurfacing.

"I feel like you're not taking my meaning, Lieutenant." McIntyre replied in the most measured pentameter he could muster. "I asked why you want to be a security officer."

Stott paused for a moment. Malroon must have mentioned something about him to McIntyre - something at least that meant that he wasn't just a fresh face to the security chief. He moved his jaw slightly out of habit as he considered how to word his answer. "I believe that my career has gone as far as it can go in starship operations," he finally said. "I need a change if I am going to stop myself from stagnating."

"And you feel like that change will come by moving to the security department? What experience do you have?"

"I aced the weapons training tests at the Academy, and I have passed every re-certification since first time. I've also had previous combat experience - on stardate 63366.8 for example, when the ship was invaded by giant bugs intent on killing the crew."

"How do you work as part of a team?" McIntyre asked, showing little interest in the bug attack. He'd already read the report and knew the ins and outs of the situation.

"As well as anyone," Stott replied, not really sure how to answer the question. "I took the same courses in team building at the Academy as everyone here did."

"That doesn't mean that you're cut out to work well as part of a team." McIntyre could feel his eyes beginning to roll at the Bolian's constant references to his time at Starfleet Academy. "I need people who I can trust and put the wellbeing of their colleagues at the forefront of their minds."

"Sir," Stott said, looking now straight into the security chief's eyes, not quite believing how difficult he was being in what he felt was a simple transfer. "I've been serving aboard the Endeavour for the last four years now. Nothing I have done during that time has ever been against the best interests of the ship or my colleague's wellbeing."

"Fine, Lieutenant." McIntyre was exhausted by the Bolian's inability to give a straight answer. He'd have been better off in politics. "You can have your transfer pending a full medical workup with Doctor Cooper and a security training test from my Assistant. Dismissed."

"Thank you sir," the Bolian responded, standing with a brief nod to his new commanding officer before leaving the office.

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief of Security


Lieutenant JG Zam Stott (PNPC)
Security Officer (Formerly Assistant Chief Ops Officer)
Played by Byrne
USS Endeavour


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