NCC - 86105
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Quarter For Your Thoughts

Posted on Wed Jun 19th, 2013 @ 5:02pm by Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon & Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Operations Centre [Deck 4]
Timeline: MD01 2030 hrs


McIntyre caught sight of his haggard form in the reflective surface of the corridor wall as he followed the directions of the Petty Officer who had granted him permission to come aboard.

Looking for the Quartermaster was usually an unforgiving task and it seemed like the Endeavour wouldn't be any different. He passed an exposed conduit and a perplexed engineer but an enquiry about the whereabouts of the Quartermaster yielded no useful results.

"You might try asking Lieutenant Malroon, Sir." The Engineer offered as McIntyre passed him by. "He should be in his office, it's just down the hall."

Door chimes always seemed to sound a split second before the pad was touched, or at least that was how it seemed to McIntyre. The idle observation was merely a distraction from his feeling of guilt about bothering the Chief Operations Officer about something so trivial.

Patok had been reviewing supply inventory for the past couple of hours, when he heard the chime. Where most senior officers would remain at their desk to permit entry, Patok made a habit of standing.

"Enter," he declared, and then watched the door slide open. As McIntyre stepped inside, Patok noted that he was a new face with two gold pips on his collar. "You must be Lieutenant McIntyre. Have a seat."

He gestured to the chairs in front of his desk and moved back towards his own. "How can one be of assistance?"

McIntyre sounded like a man with a guilty conscience, "Well to be honest Lieutenant, I can't find your Quartermaster and I was wondering if you knew where they could be found? I need to get my quarters sorted out."

Patok would have given a knowing grin, but he had very little understanding of human expression. Instead, he remained stoic as usual. "One is understanding of your dilemma. The Endeavour is fortunate to have several officers assigned to Operations, so we have shared the duties of assigning supplies and quarters. Lieutenant Stott is most commonly available to provide these services, but one would be happy to assist."

He pulled a PADD out from a drawer in his desk and punched in some information. He handed it over to McIntyre.

"You will find your Quarters on the third deck. This PADD will display directions from the turbolift."

"You're some guy, Lieutenant Malroon." McIntyre told him with a wide smile. "Here I thought I'd be left roaming these halls all day asking yellow collared officers if they'd seen another yellow collared officer until I gave up and got drunk."

Patok forced an awkward smile that was obviously unnatural for him. The thought behind it was genuine, as he enjoyed being appreciated. He had been practicing his expressions for several years now, but they still held no meaning for him. At least he was trying.

"One is pleased to save you the trouble, Lieutenant." He said, "Do you require further assistance?"

"Nothing specific, no." He went to stand up before returning to his seat. "Actually now that you mention it, there's a few things I could do with requisitioning for the Security Centre if you have a minute?"

"What is it that you require?"

"Well, I'd like to make sure that there are a couple of easily accessible weapons racks. I think that having to access the armoury every time a weapon is required will probably cut down on our reaction times. In addition I'd like to requistion some extra office space on the deck to expand the Security Centre. Provided there's room, obviously."

"Have you had a chance to tour the security offices?" Patok replied, "The primary Armoury is located in close proximity for the convenience of your department."

"I haven't had a chance yet but I do feel that a couple of weapons lockers located near the exits, just for hand phasers would improve our efficiency." McIntyre had encountered a problem on the Buchanan when he had attempted to have the same thing installed. "How close is the transporter room to the Security Centre?"

"The transporter rooms are located on this deck, and the security offices are on the deck below." Patok could understand McIntyre's interest in protecting the primary point of entry to the ship; though, it still gave him a headache to think about keeping track of weapons in multiple locations. "One would prefer to be cautious about storing weapons outside of the armoury. Although, if you feel that this is a necessity, one must clear it with the Captain. If weapons are stored outside of the armoury, one must insist that the Security department will maintain proper inventory."

"I can get behind that," McIntyre replied with a smile, "I'll make sure my men are fastidious in their inventory of weapons. I'm meeting with the captain later today... possibly tomorrow. I'll check it with him then and get back to you. Thank you for your time, Lieutenant."


Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief Security & Tactical Officer

Lieutenant (JG) Patok Malroon
Chief Operations Officer
USS Endeavour


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