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The Trouble With Tricordrazine [Part 2]

Posted on Sat Jun 15th, 2013 @ 6:40pm by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Rose Cooper

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Main Sickbay

--- Sickbay, 30 minutes later---

Rose awaited the Lieutenant with a friendly smile on her face. If it was this serious, she didn't want him to worry unnecessarily. "Lieutenant, good to see you. Please follow me to my office."

"Thank you, Doctor." McIntyre replied, maintaining a couple of feet between himself and the doctor as they approached her office. Neither of them spoke until the doors hissed closed behind them and Ciaran could engineer an introduction. "I'm Lieutenant McIntyre, the new Chief of Security. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Lieutenant," Rose replied. She sat down behind her desk and motioned for him to take a seat too. "Now, I understood you wanted to talk to me in private?" She asked. "And don't worry, everything you say here is confidential."

"Well Doctor, it's not actually a medical complaint." McIntyre's voice dropped as though he were being overheard. "A routine inventory of your medical supplies have found that you're missing several cases of Tricordrazine."

"That's strange," Rose said and raised an eyebrow. "Nothing was missing yesterday when we did our last stock check. Are you sure about that?" She tried to run sickbay like a well oiled machine, but no matter how hard you tried, some things could always be misplaced. Though if the medicine was really missing something bad could be happening.

"Interesting," McIntyre mused without offering much else, "may I have a look at the inventory report?"

"Of course," Rose said with a nod and turned on her computer terminal to find the right information. "There," she said and turned the screen. "Stock check was done yesterday morning, there you see what still was in stock and there the items we've added. Everything we were out of has been used in proper procedures." She checked a couple of other things and then continued. "We haven't used Tricordrazine in weeks, nor did we use any today."

"Very interesting," McIntyre said, elongating the syllables for effect, "what is the standard use of Tricordrazine? I had a look in the database but the information wasn't very detailed. It couldn't be used as an illicit substance, could it?"

"It's mostly used in resuscitation," Rose explained. "I've heard of one or two drug and addiction related cases, but most of them kill themselves with it in a few weeks. When used in an illegal way it's commonly used in assassinations and hits like that. Only a small dosage is needed to give someone a fatal heart attack." The Doctor studied her records, but still couldn't find anything to explain the missing dosages. A hint of anger flared up in her. "If any of my people are stealing this, they better hope you find them before I do."

McIntyre took a moment to consider what damage a Doctor who had sworn a solemn oath to 'do no harm' could actually do. He shuddered to think. "Are your medical storage areas within range of the ship's internal scanners?"

"They should be. Do you want to see them? Maybe with your training you can see something I missed." Rose was a medical officer and just looked at her stock with only that in mind. Perhaps a trained Security officer saw something else.

"I think I should probably take a look."

Rose nodded and led him to where they stocked medication like this. "We keep some of it stocked so we can use it, no matter what is going on on the ship. Replication is limited to the CMO and ACMO when I'm not here," she explained while opening the cabinet. "See, here are the cases."

McIntyre sucked the air in through his teeth, making a whistling sound that even irritated him. The cases looked pristine and untouched. He took the nearest crate and opened it, running a tricorder over the contents.

"This is coloured water." The Chief of Security almost permitted himself a smirk as he was even more specific. "It's dyed with old fashioned food colouring."

"What the..?" Rose took the crate and examined it with a medical scanner, only to conclude that Ciaran was right. She let out a frustrated growl and one glance at the Security Officer let him know she wasn't enjoying his smirk. Something strange was going on and it had happened right under her eyes. It seemed that she couldn't even trust her own staff. "So now what? How do we find whoever did this?"

"That part's easy Doctor." McIntyre lied. "We lay a trap."

"A trap?" Rose asked, not completely sure what he meant by that. "Everything well, but the next time I need that medicine, I do want to be sure that I actually grab it off the shelf."

"We'll be sure of that, Doctor." He replied with a wry smile.


Doctor Rose Cooper
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief of Security


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