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The Trouble With Tricordrazine [Part 3]

Posted on Sun Aug 4th, 2013 @ 5:06pm by Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Rose Cooper & Lieutenant JG Olivier Thiffault

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Main Sickbay


Rose was very annoyed by the whole situation, but didn't want to show that in sickbay, so she moved back to her office again. "I want this thoroughly investigated. This isn't just stealing, but it also endangers the lives of my patients. If we had needed tricordrazine, but had grabbed a fake batch in stead, people could have died. This is serious."

McIntyre returned from the replicator with a case similar to the one that they had found the fake medication in. His plan was simple, crude, but effective. "Don't worry, Doctor. There's no way we'll fail to locate the thief with this little beauty."

"I don't have the time or patience for riddles and such, Lieutenant, tell me your plan." Rose could be calm and patient, but this whole situation was getting more and more on her nerves. She didn't like to be in the dark when it came to sickbay and especially not when things could be seriously wrong.

"It's a very old trick. It's a dye pack with a small explosive built into the opening mechanism on the crate. When the thief beams the box out and replaces it and then goes to open it, pop! They'll be covered in dye that they won't be able to get off their skin." McIntyre chuckled at the thought. "They used to do it with shoplifters. That's not to mention the combadge I've put in the bottom of the box."

"And what if one of my people or I actually need to use the actual medication?" Rose wondered. They didn't use it that much usually, but Murphy's law dictated that they would, as soon as the trap was in place.

"I'll take the liberty of placing an actual case of the drug in your office with a small pattern dampener. If you need it, you'll be able to get it." McIntyre felt like he had thought of everything and all they'd have to do was wait.

"Okay, as long as I'm informed when the fake medication is used, I'm fine with it. I'm not here 24/7 and it could of course be that one d the other medical officers has to use it." If that happened she could only hope she would be here in time to administer the right medication. Rose sighed and leaned back in her chair. "I don't like waiting."

"I don't think you'll be waiting long, Doctor." McIntyre replied as a serendipitous chirrup erupted from his tricorder. He moved across sickbay to an unused display terminal and called up the last incremented time slot from the observation log.

"Just there!" He announced to no-one in particular, the Doctor still being on the other side of the room. There was a slight glitch in the coverage which looked like a skip in the playback but it wasn't. "It's gone!"

A few more taps on his tricorder and he was making off out the door. "I've got a signal on the comm badge!" He called as his voice disappeared off into the corridor.

Rose raced after him. She wanted to see the one who did it, ask him why and probably tell him what she thought about that. Also, if whoever did it decided to use the medicine as a weapon, it probably was important she was there as well.

McIntyre flew down the corridor at full pelt until he came to a halt next to a non-descript door on the same deck. "Stay back, Doctor," he held out his hand to stop her, "my security team is on their way."

Thiffault was on the scene a moment later. He cocked his head toward the door. "In there?"

"In there. Where's the rest of the team?"

"Tied up."

"Not literally, I hope." McIntyre said as he began to enter the security override. "Go low."

Thiffault threw himself through the door, crouching to the ground as McIntyre scanned the room with the hand phaser that the Frenchman had provided him with.

The room's inhabitant leapt to his feet and threw his hands into the air. "What the hell is this?!"

"Just hold still. We've tracked a case of stolen Tricordrazine to these quarters, Crewman." Lieutenant Thiffault declared, keeping his phaser trained on the crewman and beckoning the doctor into the room with his free hand.

"You're accusing me?! I haven't left my quarters in days; I've had a head-cold!" The flabbergasted Crewman exclaimed as McIntyre swapped his phaser for his tricorder.

"You don't sound like you've got a cold," Rose growled. Beside, to get a duty restriction he had to come to her or one of the other medical officers and she couldn't recall anyone with a head cold. If this guy was the thief, he would regret it.

"Computer, turn out the lights." McIntyre ordered, a muted chirrup noting the completion of the request. The impact was exactly what McIntyre had hoped for. The Crewman glowed against the black of space. The dye had covered his uniform and face.

Unable to control her anger, Rose launched herself at the crewman. She grabbed him by his collar and slammed him against the wall. She then told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of him. "You filthy liar! You thief! What have you done with the medication? What are you using it for? Speak up! And don't you dare to lie! If you do that I'll make sure you'll never talk again!"

"Easy Doctor!" Thiffault cried, pulling the Medical Officer back from the brink of doing plenty of harm.

"I don't think finding the rest of the medication is going to be much of a problem." McIntyre said, gesturing toward a glowing portion of the bulkhead around the outside of a Jefferies Tube Access Port. "I think we'll find that they're in there. Thiffault, take him away. Would you care to do the honours, Doctor?"

Rose glared at the thief until he was out of his quarters. Her fists were clenched and there was still anger in her posture and eyes, but once he was out of her sight she slowly started to calm down. "I'll have a look," she said and walked up to the access port. She opened it and immediately noticed the bright glowing box of medication, along with a couple of other crates. "Can I pick it up?"

"Yes, it should be fine." McIntyre replied. "The dye dries on initial contact so it shouldn't stick."

The doctor grabbed the case and opened it. "This is our trap box," she said and showed it to Ciaran. She carefully took out a couple of the other crates. "It looks like these come from medical as well. I don't know about those ones over there." There were some more nondescript boxes and she wanted to be careful with them, since she didn't know what the contents were.

"Well, well. It looks like we have our man." McIntyre replied with a smile. "We'll take these as evidence for now but as soon as everything is logged and sorted, we'll deliver them back to sickbay for you."

"That would be appreciated, Lieutenant," Rosa said. "What was he trying to do with this? Did he really think nobody would notice him dragging out crate after crate when we would reach port?" She shook her head. Some people.. "I'm glad you caught him. Things could have ended badly if this had continued much longer. Thank you."


Doctor Rose Cooper
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief of Security

Lieutenant (JG) Olivier Thiffault
Assistant Chief of Security
[NPC by Lieutenant McIntyre]
USS Endeavour


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