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Distress Call

Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 1:00pm by Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii & Captain Benjamin Byrne & Lieutenant Horatio Hawke & Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre & Lieutenant Rose Cooper & Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel & Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: USS Endeavour - Bridge

It had been a quiet few days back on patrol so far. A few issues aboard the ship between personnel, which was usual with so many people put onboard one vessel for extended periods of time and in potentially hazardous territory, but no external events to put the crew on edge or to give any sense of imminent danger. The ship had still been at yellow alert as per Ben's standing orders, but the phasers and shields hadn't been powered for anything more significant than a training exercise.

As such, the mood on the bridge was, for the most part, fairly relaxed and talkative. Officers were still seeing to their work, but were chatting amongst themselves amiably, and there were a few of the senior officers who wouldn't normally be on the bridge who had come up to talk to their friends, and try to see if anything actually happened today. Ben sat in his chair amongst the middle of it, and though he had attempted to keep himself involved in the casual conversation going on around him, his mind had begun to drift, and as his eyes glazed over, he had lost himself in the less pleasant memories that one accumulates through a life-time. The sharp bleeping coming from the tactical station shocked him out of his reverie.

Sitting upright and lifting his chin off the fist it had been leant upon, he looked around at his new security officer, silently quizzing him as to the cause of the sound.

McIntyre's shoulders began to raise into a shrug as the alert continued but nothing appeared on his screen. No doubt Kessel was running another diagnostic that was using half of the computer's clock speed. Eventually the visual alert appeared and he was able to report it to the Captain.

"We're receiving a distress signal, Captain." He stated matter-of-factly, unable to actually offer any more information. "It's got visual but it's quite broken."

Rose looked up, not too concerned about it. The mellow state they were in caused that she wasn't really expecting any emergencies. She was even on the bridge during her shift, reporting about the injuries somebody had gotten during a fight between crewmembers. It wasn't that bad and usually she would have just made a written report, but since it was quiet she had done it in person now.

"Put it up, Lieutenant," the captain ordered, nodding towards the main viewscreen at the front of the bridge.

The image on the viewscreen was heavily distorted, but didn't appear to show any sign of damage or distress in the room that the speaker was standing, with the odd individual crossing behind before going out of camera shot.

"This is a general distress call from Research Facility Hyperbius. We have experienced severe system interference during the testing of a prototype technology, and require assistance. Our external sensors are non-operable. Please rendezvous with our station to assist in the search for our prototype. This is a general distress call..."

Ben made a cutting gesture in the air as the message began to repeat, indicating he wanted it silenced. "Can we establish two-way communication with the outpost?"

"No luck, Captain." McIntyre reported. "There seems to be some kind of local interference that's stopping us getting a broadcast through to them."

Gaius walked through the door as the distress call sounded, brandishing a new steaming mug of coffee. He perked up as he heard the name of the research base, "Hyperbius, she isnt part of Starfleet, Captain. She is a swanky private operation," He said, taking a seat and logging his codes into his personal console. He brought up the files on the base, seeing some of the screenshots of the interior, "Oh sir, they have walnut panelling everywhere."

"Even if that is the case," the captain answered. "We have received a call from help, and it is our duty to. Helm; alter course to take us to the source of the transmission. Ethan; do we know what kind of prototype the researchers at the base might have been working on?"

"Nothing specific," Ethan replied. "Since they aren't a part of Starfleet, they don't have to register their projects with Earth. The only rumours I've heard is that they might be working on some sort of new propulsion technology, but that is completely unconfirmed."

"Very well," the captain answered. "We shall just have to see what we find when we arrive."

Horatio had been running Ensign Deakin through some sims when the distress call came in and decided to keep her at the helm, albeit with him standing at her shoulder ready to relieve if things turned bad.

The Ensign looked up at him when the captain's order came as if seeking permission to respond. Horatio almost rolled his eyes - rookies! - but instead just nodded reassuringly.

"Aye, sir," Deakin replied as her fingers glided over the console, accessing the nav computer to retrieve the source data, laying the the course into the plotter and then selecting the manoeuvre and then executing it all. "Altering course to bring us to the source of the transmission."

"Drop to impulse," Byrne ordered, as the ship came within range of the research station. "Report; any damage to the station?"

“Sir, the station’s physical systems appear to be at peak efficiency,” Patok replied, “though it is difficult to get a clear reading through the interference.”

"Can we establish communication yet?"

Patok made another attempt to hail the station. A brief, but alarming burst of static scratched through his console’s audio channel. He nearly jumped back from the start, but was just able to maintain his composure. “It is too severe for any of our signals to get through. One is beginning diagnostic scans to identify the nature of the obstruction.”

"We'll just have to go ahead and drop in on them then," Ben answered. "Commander, get an away team together and beam over there; try to determine what has happened to their prototype - whatever it is. If we are unable to establish two-way communication, then we will be expecting you back at the beam-in site fifteen minutes after you arrive."

"Understood sir, McIntyre, notify Cooper and one of your security detail to report for the away team. You are with me," Ra-Xialli stated, already on the move to the exit of the bridge.

McIntyre nodded in response to Commander Ra-Xialii's summons and joined him by the turbolift. A standard security detail was three officers but he surmised that less would probably suffice. "I'll have Lieutenant Stott meet us in the Transporter Room."

"Permission to join the away team, Sir." Kessel asked.

Gaius gave a curt nod, before moving off.

"Call it a nagging curiosity. Hyperbius is one of the most top secret, state of the art, cross-species, Independent Research Centers ever to exist. I nearly ended up with a placement on a similar station at the Academy. Besides - if something's gone wrong in their labs, then its possible they may require assistance of an engineering nature." Ethan said.

McIntyre stepped aside slightly, allowing the Engineer to join them. "Do they construct technology for any governments or is it purely private sector?"

"Private, which means they dont have to report to us. We may be unwelcome there people, nice happy smiles," Gaius said without changing his facial expression. A small growl emitted from the Efrosian as they headed to the transporter room.

Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer

Commander Gaius Ra-Xialli
First Officer

Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
Chief Helmsman

Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
Chief of Security

Doctor Rose Cooper
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel
Chief Engineer


Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon
Chief Operations Officer
USS Endeavour


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