NCC - 86105
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Posted on Sun Nov 3rd, 2013 @ 11:34pm by Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: Unknown Borg Vessel - Assimilation Chamber
Timeline: 2 Hours after the end of Remnant Part 1

Voices, whispered to him. They echoed around him, but sounded distant, as if separated by a great distance, or else, by some fluid or barrier. The Sensation was unsettling, but Kessel didn't have the presence of mind to fully feel fear.

That would come later.

More voices whispered to him. Some he remembered from long ago...
"The Ships .... overload and its .... to prevent...."

He remembered the voice.

"You can't destroy it, I won't let you!"

He had turned, in surprise.

Then had come the burning, incinerating pain.
Anguish as fire leaped up with him, the Phaser burning into his chest, energy pulsing through him, tearing his body - a fragile thing, made a weak flesh. It was pathetic.
He had felt pain. He had felt fear.
That fear rose up within him once more.

He was going to die. It was going to kill him, and he was going to die on a godforsaken ship, in the cold of space, miles and miles away from his home.

His eyes snapped open, and he awoke screaming.

"ARRRRRRAGH!" He cried out. The darkness around him was oppressive, made all the more ominous by the glowing green, the terrifying light of the Borg.

The Voices around him shouted in protest. Urging him to be quiet. To be still. He didn't hear the voices. He felt them. And the whispers faded, faded into angry shouts.
He looked around him, struggling to maintain some sense of lucidity - the the fear, the stress, the near death experience and the ever present voices made that all but impossible.
A figure in the darkness turned to him, and held him down with a single hand. It applied pressure firmly, careful not to cause damage but to quell resistance.

The process may be discomforting. Do not resist. Resistance is futile. Allow the assimilation to complete its process and the discomfort will cease.

The Borg didn't speak, but its meaning was unmistakable. How...?
Ethan felt to panic now. He was being assimilated. The whispers around him, the Borg's intention so precise, yet remaining silent. Ethan clutched a hand to his head, surprised to find it unrestrained. His sweaty palm touched something cold. Metallic.


He pulled away sharply. More voices joined with the first.

Do not resist. Allow your mind to adjust. Become one.

He tried in vain to hear some kind of tone, some pitch, some accent. But the voice was as blank and as toneless as android.

"No..." He whispered.
He was a dead man. He knew it. Already he felt the multitude of voices pressing against his head. Crawling within his skull.



He screamed mentally..

And for a moment, the multitude of voices ceased.
The brief moment of silence, was a blessing. Desperately, he searched about himself for some kind of weapon, anything, looking for some desperate way of ending the torment. Nearby, unnoticed lay an object he recognized. His phaser. It had been useless in the fight before - he hadn't even drawn the weapon until he had be shot - but presumably it had been picked up and then forgotten. His grip closed around it - and he pointed it, not at any of the Borg, but at his own head.

He hesitated.

He could end it. Burn out the whispers here and now. End it once and for all...
But why bother?

Why resist?

Resistance... was futile....


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