NCC - 86105
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Mission 1 Day 6

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2010 @ 3:48am by Warrant Officer Kai Tsenzori

An interesting day today, all of the tasks I had been assigned were completed and I've filed reports.

My targets in the future are to:
1. Keep up to date with my tasks
2. Book a shift on the holodeck
3. Ask for more important work

Of course I might keep my work as it is, five tasks a day which is usually a six hour day not including breaks was more than enough really, the Chief tends to work night shifts as well as day shifts and that's not the kind of work I want.

Although, perhaps I should ask the Chief for an extra task, I'm sure that the Chief would like some help once in a while.

Warrant Officer Kai Tsenzori
USS Endeavour


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