NCC - 86105
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Thoughts and worries

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2010 @ 7:29pm by Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian

It had been several days since Nessa had first arrived on board the Endeavour. She had kept to her quarters during most of the time, trying to get accustomed to the new place she'd be spending her days in. Beyond the occasional shift at the bridge, she didn't communicate much with the rest of the crew, even bringing her food to her room instead of eating it in the mess hall with the others.

She was just finishing dinner after a slightly less than exciting shift at the bridge as she flipped through the numerous documents she had pertaining to the Metron Consortium and their technology when her thoughts drifted back to the numerous times she had wondered how exactly to go about speaking with people. Her past had left her with practically no social skills at all, and it definitely seemed like she was the social outcast no matter where she went. People rarely seemed to want to bother with teaching basic things like what was socially acceptable and what not.

With a loud sigh, she closed the opened documents on her personal computer and wondered what to do. She knew that it was very rare that crews stayed unfriendly for long, but she had managed to keep herself away from the others on the ship so far, and she knew that had to change. The only problem was figuring out how to do so with her stiff attitude. The fact that she wasn't exactly a woman didn't help much either as every time she spoke with any of the men or women on board, she had to exert all her willpower to not get excited to the point where it would be blatantly obvious.

Her fingers tapped on the keyboard once more, another sign of the way she preferred doing things, using her hands to access a computer that could just as easily be controlled with voice commands. Her eyes trailed over the screen and paused on the holodeck inventory when the idea hit her that she could certainly use that to at least relieve some of the tension she felt during the past days. A few moments later and she was browsing through the inventory of available holodeck scenarios. She quickly found one to her liking and sent the command to the ship computer to prepare one of the holodecks for her.

Her uniform lay on the bed as she strode out of her quarters, presenting anyone passing with a curious sight that they definitely hadn't seen yet - her wearing a flowing long white dress and a set of black shoes with high heels. Even though she had worn shoes like that before on special occasions, she found it hard to walk in them, occasionally losing her balance and almost falling in the process. After a few minutes, her hand pressed against the access panel to the holodeck and the doors opened with the whoosh of hydraulics, allowing her to step inside her chosen scenario where she quickly forgot about her previous worries, knowing that she could at least behave in any way she wanted in this place of fantasy.

Any other person walking into this specific holodeck would have been quite surprised to see the normally closed up science officer dancing with the numerous holograms and laughing excitedly as she switched from partner to partner, seemingly not caring whether they were male or female. Her shoes had long since been removed from her feet and she twirled about the room with incessant glee, even going as far as to kiss a few of the holograms with melting passion. The only thought left in her mind being that she simply never wanted it to stop.

A few hours later a very tired, yet quite content Nessa walked out of the holodeck. She quickly made her way back to her quarters and laid down on the bed, quickly surrendering to the exhaustion and falling asleep with a happy smile playing on her lips. The last coherent thought before sleep took over was about how things would have been much simpler if the people in the world could all act like the holograms had.


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