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A New Frontier

Posted on Fri Oct 14th, 2011 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel

Mission: Character Background
Location: Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Stardate 2385 - Final Year at Starfleet Academy
Tags: Starfleet Academy, Ethan, Kessel

Ethan knocked on the door in front of him, the gold name plague brightly displayed. "Professor Albert Rubedo".

"Come!" A weaseled old voice answered, and before he could open the door it called again "And No you can't have an extension on your assignment!"

Ethan chuckled, and spoke as he threw open the door:

"Don't you know me better than that?"

A man, in his mid fifties sat crouched over a desk in the corner of the brightly lit room. Despite that fact that Starfleet offered top of the range technologies for its best Teachers, Professor Rubedo was well known for his fondness of real wooden Paneling, and his desk was no exception. It was large, and made of so dark wood that Ethan could not identify. Maybe Mahogany? Or some dark varnished Redwood? The room smelled strongly of furniture polish, and various odors that he could not identify.

The man that squatted with his pen scribbled away madly on the paper in front of him - The professor had been writing a book for the last decade, but was always unimpressed with his own work - was in his late fifties, but the short grey beard he had, along with wrinkles caused by 50 years worth of hard work and stress made him appear older. Only his eyes, bright blue and glittering with a spark of Imagination looked younger than he really was. He was wearing a white collared shirt, unbuttoned, and the tie still hung very loosely a couple of inches down.

"Ah! Ethan Kessel! My Brightest and Best!"
The old man dropped his pen and stood up to meet him.
"Hello Albert!"
Ethan said, gripping the old man outstretched hand warmly.
"Pull up a chair! Pull up a chair and sit down."
Albert said, as he too sat down in the brown leather chair.
"To what do I owe this enormous pleasure?"
"Well," said Ethan as he to sat down in the leather chair next to his old mentor and shifted to get comfortable.
"I have not seen you for weeks, last exams and all have taken so much of my time - but I wanted to chat with you about things. I Think I have decided what I would like to do after I graduate".
The Old man nodded enthusiastically.
"I think I have just the Place. Have you Heard of Deep Space 9? Was very influential during the Dominion war - Posted next to the only know Stable wormhole! The physics of it are fascinating! Forget warp Engines, Work here could signal a new future in Wormhole transportation. I could use my Influence to get us a position there to -"
"Actually Albert I -"
"Not your thing? I know particle physics have always been your specialty! I know! I have a Small laboratory back on Titan! If we get some funding, I am sure we could enhance the facilities to meet the standards -"
"You're rambling again!"
"Yes, sorry, right."
"Albert..." Ethan took a deep breath. "I want to sign up as a Starfleet Engineer, on board a ship..."
Albert blinked, and then looked crestfallen
"Ethan..." He said weakly "Why? Why go zooming around the Galaxy as a petty Engineer? You have talent my boy! Don't waste it on a fool's love for adventure... you're a Scientist, through and through, not a mechanic's lackey!"

Ethan had expected this - Albert has seen too many young thinks blown to pieces, killed, and assimilated by the Federations Wars. He blamed each death on the Starfleet ships, young men and women lured away from what he considered sensible study and invaluable work, who could have made such achievements working for the good of the entire Galaxy.

"I want to experience the Galaxy, not just read about it in a text book. I can do some real good for the federation on board a Starship! Look at Montgomery Scott, Geordi La Forge, all well known for their work! I wanted to know if you'd support me in this.

Albert looked stung.
"Ethan my boy, you know I'll always support you whatever path you take. I just wish we could have walked it together.

Three Months Later:

Ethan could Harley believe his luck. He has come back from his graduation ceremony, and had been delighted to be assigned to the ship, USS Endeavour a New Sovereign Class Starship. He was scheduled to board tomorrow.
Ethan had packed his Trunk the night before, as he was preparing to leave. He looked around his bunk and Quarters for the last time, and turned back to his trunk, where he had left zipped up on his bed. To his surprise it was half open. He unzipped it curiously, and found, on top of his pile of cloths and possessions, a leather bound book in golden letters.

Matter and Antimatter Reactions - Particle theory - The theory of Stabilization of wormholes.
The Alchemy of the Stars
A Comparison

By Albert Rubedo

Ethan smiled as he realized the Professor had finally finished his book. And the first copy was his.


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