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Shattered Peace

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2009 @ 3:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson

Mission: Character Background
Location: Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: Late 2375

ON: [[San Fransisco, Earth, Late 2375]]

Simon Anderson (NPC) emerged from the Exobiology building on the campus of Starfleet Academy. Even though he had dropped out of the Academy nearly ten years ago, he still knew a few of the faculty. His current work with the Cetacean Institute brought him to the Academy in search of information on frequent occasion. The meeting with Dr. Richard Harding had been rather informative, if not as productive as Simon had hoped.

As he made his way slowly across the expansive grounds of the Academy, Simon took in the beautiful landscaping. The old groundskeeper, Boothby, was still going strong and it was evident in the matriculate care taken to ensure the health and vitality of the ground displays. When the Dominion War had begun, the thought of returning to Starfleet, even just enlisting, had crossed Simon’s mind. Conversations with Mark were difficult, at best, due to efforts to prevent ships and personnel from being compromised. Eventually, Simon had decided to stay right where he was. There were plenty of people eager to go off to war; someone had to stay behind and try to maintain a normal life.

So far, from what Simon was able to gather, the war was not going as well as the Federation News Service and Starfleet would have the people believe. There had been that admiral from Starfleet who had attempted to convince everyone that they were being invaded by Changelings three years prior. Less than a year ago, Betazed had fallen to the Dominion. Even then, the people of Earth seemed to feel that the war was in some distant part of the quadrant…that it could never reach them here.

The gravel under Simon’s feet crunched as he passed a beautiful display of orchids. He paused to admire them, wondering at the intricacy of each design. Suddenly, Simon heard a whistling sound followed immediately by a large explosion. Ducking his head, Simon turned amidst shouts of alarm to see two blue-white orbs descend from the sky. One hissed as it hit the water of San Fransisco Bay, the other exploded, sending debris and dust flying everywhere as it impacted one of the outer Academy buildings.

Sirens began to sound as cadets around him began looking around in fear. Simon saw two freshmen standing a few yards away, out in the open. Remembering the basic training he had received at the Academy, Simon started toward them. “Move,” he shouted as two more torpedoes descended from orbit toward various targets. The cadets didn’t need to be told twice. They took off toward whatever designated point they had learned in their drills.

“Keep moving,” Simon told the cadets as he passed among them, heading in the opposite direction. Even though he wasn’t a Starfleet officer, he was going to be of some use to someone. The explosions continued, some close and some distant. Every once in awhile, there would be one so close it caused Simon to instinctively duck his head.

“Where are you going,” a voice demanded. Simon turned to see an ensign in gold, phaser in hand. No doubt, he was a security officer overseeing evacuations or perhaps carrying out some other order. Simon paused to reply as cadets and officers continued to rush past.

Without warning, a torpedo impacted closer than any previous one had been. Simon felt himself thrown to the ground. He raised his arms to protect his head and neck as debris descended around him. Moments later, Simon lifted his head to see the security officer lying on the ground. The young man wasn’t moving. Simon crawled over to him and placed his fingers on the man’s neck, searching for a sign of life. Feeling no pulse, Simon lowered his head. He had been too young…just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Simon wasted no time. He closed the ensign’s eyes and grabbed his phaser before getting to his feet. Looking around, he saw debris everywhere and the sound of torpedoes and energy beams continued to fill the air. Turning, Simon took off across the grounds at a brisk pace; ignoring the odd looks and occasional calls from officers he passed.

Then, as suddenly as it had all began, the thundering bombardment stopped. Silence descended on the grounds, causing Simon to slow his pace and look around him at the destruction that had been wrought in those few moments. Smoke rose from damaged structures around campus and beyond, in the city.

Simon heard the sound of someone crying and turned, trying to find the source. He saw a leg sticking out from behind the base of a monument and slowly approached. When he peered around the corner, he saw a young cadet, another freshman. The young man was startled by Simon’s sudden appearance and tried to back away, but he didn’t get very far.

“It’s alright,” Simon said, kneeling down next to the young man, “My name’s Simon. What’s yours?”

“Cadet Webb,” the young man replied, using the back of his sleeve to wipe his face.

“Do you have a first name, cadet,” Simon asked.

“Jordan,” the cadet replied.

“It’s all over, Jordan,” Simon continued, slipping the phaser into his belt, “Where are you supposed to be?”

“I was going to my evac point,” Jordan replied, “We were supposed to beam out and await orders. Where are the others?”

“I don’t know,” Simon answered, looking around to see if there was anyone close by, “I don’t see anyone. It’s possible they made it to the evac point. Come on, let’s get you on your feet.” He reached under the cadet’s arm and lifted him from the ground. As soon as Jordan put weight on his left leg, he winced in pain.

“I can’t walk,” he said, trying to drop back to the ground. Simon held him up and supported his left side.

“Keep the weight off your left leg,” Simon instructed, moving to stand next to Jordan. Despite the difference in size, he took the young man’s arm and put it around his shoulder. Slowly, Jordan rested his weight on his right foot and tried to use Simon as support. “Okay,” Simon said, “Ready?” Jordan nodded.

“Let’s see if we can’t find the rest of your group,” Simon said as the two started down the path, “Nice and easy.”


Simon Anderson (NPC)
San Fransisco, Earth


Cadet Jordan Webb (NPC)
Starfleet Cadet, Freshman
Starfleet Academy

Played by

Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson
Executive Officer
USS Endeavour


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