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Never Give Up

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2009 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson

Mission: Character Background
Location: Emergency Medical Unit 1, Earth
Timeline: Late 2375

ON: [[Emergency Medical Unit 1, Earth, Late 2375]]

Simon (NPC) stood over the desk in the lobby of the building that served as the center for one of many emergency medical centers established to treat the victims of the recent attack on San Fransisco. The woman opposite him looked up with a firm glance, refusing to budge from her position.

“Mr. Anderson,” she said slowly, “Are you the cadet’s commanding officer?”

“No,” Simon answered, “but…”

“Are you his father,” she demanded, “or some other relative?”

“No,” Simon answered again, “but I…”

“Then I am afraid I cannot permit you to see the cadet,” she surmised, “Visitation is only permitted to commanding officers and family members.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Simon exclaimed, “I just rescued that young man and brought him in here. You’d think that would give me some right to…”

“We have just suffered a major catastrophe, Mr. Anderson,” the woman said condescendingly, “Your continued agitation is only complicating an already serious matter. Now, if you will not desist, I will be forced to call security.”

Simon was livid. It was taking all his restraint to keep from knocking the self-righteous clerk into the next room. He could not understand what was so difficult to understand. It was he who had found Jordan (NPC) and brought him to the medical facility for treatment. Should he not be able to see that the young man was doing well?

“That will not be necessary,” Simon said, knowing the battle was lost for now. He turned away from the desk and crossed over to a few chairs opposite the front desk. Taking a seat, he glanced once again at the clerk. Receiving a cool stare in return, he turned his gaze to the ceiling before settling for staring at the floor in front of him.

As he sat, waiting for some word of the young man’s condition, Simon watched officers and personnel go in and out. Many of them were discussing patients; some were discussing the attack itself. From what he could gather, it had been a total surprise for everyone.

The Breen had appeared out of nowhere. They somehow managed to slip past the defenses and reach Earth to begin their bombardment of San Fransisco. It sounded like Starfleet Command had been the target. If it hadn’t been for the Enterprise and the defense she rallied, the attack may have been far worse.

Earth had been attacked, despite assurances to the contrary, the capital of the Federation was not impervious. This war was not so distant as many had believed. Simon didn’t even want to think about what his apartment might look like when he got home. Thankfully, the Cetacean Institute was far enough outside the city that it likely escaped the attack unscathed. He had heard nothing from his co-workers. No doubt they and his parents were worried about his own survival.

He was just about to go in search of a communications terminal when an older gentleman in medical teal emerged from the ward and paused at the desk. Noticing Simon out of the corner of his eye, he asked, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“No,” the desk clerk replied.

“Yes,” Simon answered at the same exact time. The woman gave him an angry glare but he ignored her. “I brought a cadet in earlier, Cadet Jordan Webb,” Simon explained, “I was hoping to see how he was doing.”

“I already told Mr. Anderson that visitations are restricted to commanding officers and family only,” the clerk began, “I can call…”

“That will be all,” the doctor said, holding up his hand to silence her, “It just so happens, Mr. Anderson, that Cadet Webb has been asking for you.” Simon could not resist giving the clerk a smug look that said, Told you so…

“He has,” Simon said aloud, “Would it be possible for me to see him?”

“I don’t see why not,” the doctor replied, “Seeing has he did request to see you. If you’ll follow me right this way.” The doctor started off back into the ward and Simon followed him. He smiled when he saw the clerk throw up her hands out of the corner of his eye.

As the two men made their way down a long corridor with numerous doors to intensive care units on either side, Simon wondered just how many facilities like this one were in operation and currently treating survivors. They passed through a set of double doors that hissed open when they approached. Beyond was a large room filled with cots, each one containing a patient with a varying degree of what would be classified as minor injuries.

The doctor pointed to a cot against the far wall and Simon began weaving his way amongst others towards it. “Simon,” Jordan exclaimed, sitting up in his cot as Simon kneeled down next to him, “They told me they didn’t know if they could find you.”

“I was in the lobby the whole time,” Simon said, “The clerk didn’t seem to think that I was permitted to visit. Something about not being your uncle’s cousin twice removed or something…” This earned a laugh from the young man and Simon smiled. It was good to know that even amidst all the darkness that was associated with the attack, one could still find humor in the smallest of things.

“Thanks for saving my life back there,” Jordan said, “I know I probably didn’t look like a very good Starfleet cadet. We’re supposed to be brave in the face of danger.”

“Stupidity isn’t the same thing as bravery,” Simon told him, “You were just being human. Anyone could have done the same.” He thought back to another young man who had given up on Starfleet because he felt it didn’t have what it took to be officer material. “Whatever you do,” he added, “don’t give up. You seem like a smart young man, Jordan. Don’t turn your back on Starfleet. You might regret it…”


Simon Anderson (NPC)
San Fransisco, Earth


Cadet Jordan Webb (NPC)
Starfleet Cadet, Freshman
Starfleet Academy

Played by

Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson
Executive Officer
USS Endeavour


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