NCC - 86105
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Weapons Report

Posted on Wed Apr 18th, 2012 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Aeitos th'Ralik [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon & Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel

Mission: Divisions
Location: Deep Space 19 - Engineering
Timeline: MD03 1100hrs

With the involvement of the Tholians in the station repair efforts, there was an air of discomfort among the crew of the Endeavor so thick that even Patok could sense it. He had spent most of his time since the negotiations working on the weapon systems with the Engineering crew. He found himself being questioned on a regular basis by Tholian concerns. Apparently, they were worried that the Starfleet personel may be developing weapons to use against them.

“What is the purpose of this?” It had become a routine inquiry, accompanied by the clicks and chirps of the Tholian language.

Patok had just tapped into a central energy emitter that had seemingly powered the most common weapons of the station. Through trial and error, he had entered a command to initiate a brief charge, and the Tholians had noticed.

“We are working to repair all aspects of this station.” He replied. “One has uncovered a signature for a primitive weapon array and will continue working to get it operational.”

“We wish to review the specifications of this weapon.”

“Specifications are not currently available,” Patok said. “One has made minimal readings on the energy source, and any readings that you have made are likely just as informative. One will keep you up to date with other findings.”

This seemed to dispel their curiosity for the moment, as they did not respond. Patok returned to his work. After some additional trial and error, the Starfleet signal decoder had uncovered patterns to run a diagnostic on some of the station’s weapon systems, and he was able to pull some readings from the energy signature. This output was directed to a padd, showing vague characteristics of the energy source, which was not up the Nogron’s alley. He turned his attention to Ethan Kessel, who was half buried in a wall panel as usual.

“Ensign Kessel, do you have a moment?” Patok said via comm link.

Ethen sat up straight and smaked his head on the front of the pannel, causeing a very loud bang. When he had finished swearing, he tapped in Comm, and spoke.

"I read you Lieutenant. How can I help?" After a short pause, he heard himm respond.

“One has a padd here with energy readings for a potential weapon system. One hoped that you could take a look at it.”

Ethan Laughed . "I wouldn't get your hopes up, my last venturtes in that area lead to the discovery of some kind of waste disposal, and some kind of furnace that creates these crystals things the terminals are made of... there is a report on it somewhere..." He trailed off. Probably under his brekfast or something just as accessable. He realy should sort out dsome of that paper work.

"I'll have a look at it. Send me the readings?"

Within a few minutes he was stareing at the paad in disgust and surprise. "Yes these readings certainly seem potentaily lethal. What is their point of origin? The results seem similar to some kind of thermonuclear pulse... though thats about as helpful as saying might possibly be some kind of laser..."

"It has been difficult to pinpoint the exact point of origin. The signal decoder has been connected to that control panel to decipher any patterns in the binary currents that communicate with the station's systems. It relayed a diagnostic of the energy signal, but hasn't shown signs of it's actual location. It will take time to trace it. Any suggestions?"

Ethan thought for a moment. "A Thermonuclear pulse on a almost deralict station? That is helpful, there can't many signals with that same signiture in this station. I've yet to see one like it. What if you hooked up the tricorders to it? And maybe ran it through one of the Endeavour's systems rather than the stations? It will take slightly longer, but will be far easier to interperate the results in the long term... If you run the one on the station, while I'll head back to the Endeavor, we should be able to weed it out within a short time.. I'd say no longer than 8 Hours worst case senario...

"It is a sound plan." Patok replied. "One will set up the tricorders here and wait for your signal from the Endeavor." He quickly set to his task, connecting one tricorder to the signal decoder and using another to attempt to triangulate the signal location. Now he just needed to wait for Ethan to patch through from the Endeavor.

In the meantime, he knew that it would be prudent to report the findings to Commander th'Ralik, since he was overseeing the projects in Engineering. He tapped his comm badge and spoke, "Lieutenant Malroon to Commander th'Ralik."

"th'Ralik here," came the response over the comm.

"We have discovered an energy reading that appears to power a weapon system. One is trying to locate the source of the signal with Ensign Kessel. One is reporting these findings to you and will continue with this course of action unless you would advise otherwise."

"Very good, Lieutenant," the Tholian responded. "Let me know when you're both ready and I'll join you for the analysis."

Ensign Ethan Kessel
Energy/Matter Systems Specialist

Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon
Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Lt. Commander Aeitos th'Ralik (PNPC)
Chief Engineer
Deep Space 19


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