NCC - 86105
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Welcome Aboard!

Posted on Sat Dec 1st, 2012 @ 6:27pm by Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant JG Elisabette Souda & Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise

Mission: Klingons on the Starboard Bow
Location: Shuttlebay 1
Timeline: Prior to entry into the Neutral Zone

Tettly led the way out of the shuttle, clomping down the boarding ramp onto the solid deck plating below. It was good to stretch his legs and loosen up after the long flight, and generally good to be back on a full sized Starship again. His down time between assignments had been mind boggling. He hefted his duffel up onto his shoulder and looked around, speaking to Ellie as she came up behind him, "Don't suppose anyone told you who we were supposed to check in with, or if we just went straight to the CO, did they?" He asked.

"No. There weren't any 'in case your shuttle didn't arrive at the starbase in time' footnotes on my original orders. I guess it was assumed that we would meet an officer at the docking slip. Hopefully someone will be attending to the same duties before we have to wander off and make assumptions. You know what they say about assumptions, right?" El sighed, adjusting her bag over her shoulder. She was nervous to say the least. The Endeavour was twice the size of her previous ship, meaning twice the amount of possible faux pas to wrack up on the first day in the least.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Tettly muttered, continuing to survey the people nearby. Finally, he spotted a striking blonde woman, studiously looking over a PADD and motioned Ellie toward her, "'Scuse me," He called to the woman, "You know where a wayward Chief of Security and Chief Science might go to check in?" He asked.

"I certainly know," the woman said. "I'm Petty Officer Sophie Blaise, the Captain's yeoman. I assume you're Lieutenant Biggs and Junior Lieutenant Souda? Well, welcome on board!" Sophie pointed to an area beside the shuttle. "If you leave your baggage over there, it will be transported to your new quarters. And then I'll take you to see the Captain."

El put her bags to the side as directed then clasped her hands in front of her nervously. The yeoman was so chipper that she was determined not to put her foot in her mouth on accident. "Thank you. We, uh, hopefully didn't miss too much coming in late, did we? Our shuttle tried to make the best time possible."

"Didn't help that the original shuttle we were supposed to take docked at the wrong docking ring, then reported a delay instead of the docking ring change, THEN took off without us," Tettly grumbled as he dropped his bags on the cart where Ellie had left hers. "Worst case of bad communication I've seen in years," He added, taking his spot next to Ellie. "But hey, we're here now, and that's all that counts, right?"

"Exactly," Sophie said with a smile and led them out of the shuttlebay. "Don't worry about being a bit late. I'm sure the Captain will brief you on all you need to know. The first few days here will probably be a bit chaotic and busy, jumping right into everything and such, but it will all work out in the end. If you need any help or information don't hesitate to ask." She prided herself on being up to date on most ship issues and she was happy to have two Department Heads arrive before things got tough.

"Sooner I can get into the fray, the better," Tettly said with a grin. He was eager to see what his facilities and resources would look like on a ship this size. "I'd like to check in with the CO, then get down to business if that's okay. " He asked.

"I am taking you to his office," Sophie said. She waited for the doors of the turbolift to open and then told the computer the right deck. "I'm not sure if Captain Byrne will talk to you both at the same time, but if he wants to talk to one of you, I can show the other the bridge and observation lounge on the same deck." With a soft smile she looked at the two officers. "When it's quiet the lounge is one of the best places to look at the stars."

With a nod, El set her back against the wall and simply watched. In the back of her mind she'd turned to trying to guess the poly blend that the walls of the lift were 'carpeted' in just to keep herself from getting any more nervous than she all ready was. It was the small talk that always did her in. Those little details that blurred the line between full tilt and rambling thoughts on parade march. Neither did much to hold a conversation going without resorting to leaps of logic that'd link the Lincoln assassination to a shortage of vanilla beans in Madagascar 7 years prior in 30 leaps or less. And sadly there were no cards to draw a focus.

But can't let that stop you. Try, she reminded herself. Failing was worse than never trying at all. "You must know the crew pretty well. What are your impressions if you don't mind me asking?"

"We left a lot of crewmembers at the starbase we discovered, so there are a lot of new people coming in who I don't know yet. But generally I really enjoy working here. The people are friendly, good to work with. I know some are nervous about the upcoming assignment, but I'm sure we'll do fine," Sophie said. "So what do you think about the ship and crew so far?"

"Well, I've met you- and you're very nice- and the lieutenant here- who is very properly gruff and securitish- and that's that. If everyone else turns out to be a middle ground of the two of you, I think I'll do fine." El said with a nod.

Sophie laughed at the description of the new Security Chief. "I guess that's part of the job," she said. "And I'm sure you'll do fine. I don't think I've heard of anybody yet who ran away from this ship. Well, not anyone who worked here, that is," she added with a chuckle.

"Give 'em time," Tettly said with a playful grin, "I hear the new Security chief is a real jerk," He said.

El shook her head in disagreement, a lopsided grin blooming to life. "He is not. He's just a little fussy when you take all of his money."

The yeoman smiled, apparently something had been going on between the two in the shuttle. "Well, as long as the ship is relatively safe, I really can't complain."

"I can promise you that," Tettly responded proudly, then leaned into Sophie's space a bit to add conspiratorially, "It'll be as safe as my money, which will no longer leave muh pocket when she's around." He said, winking back at Ellie.

El scowled, turning back to face the lift doors. "I let you win it back.-So, working on a larger ship? I'm looking forward to it."

"My previous ship was a lot smaller than this one, but it's really weird how soon you get used to living on a bigger ship. The other way around is probably a lot harder," Sophie said. The doors of the turbolift opened and let them out on deck one. "Bridge and ready room this way, lounge that way."

"Lead the way to the big boss, darlin," Tettly replied with a broad grin, which faltered slightly, before he added, "I mean... uh... Petty Officer..."

Sophie raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment on it. He had saved himself quick enough. "This way," she said and made the quickest way to the bridge and ready room.


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